Hijacking the Arts and Forms of Expression

Tommorrow is Labour Live and UNITE have been giving away free tickets. and we understand that Benjamin Disraeli of 76 Beaconsfield Way, Hughenden has obtained some tickets. We also understand that Mr Disreali is having a barbecue tomorrow.

Labour Live or Jez Fest as it is being called by members of the Corbyn Cult is the latest act of the left involving hijacking the arts and turning forms of artistic expression into something crap. We now understand that the left after taking control of the arts and stiffling artistic expresion, leave us with rubbish because through Jez Fest it has been revealed that they can’t even organise a piss up in a field.

The left claim to be bastions of the arts. But when it comes to music their biggest guns are Billy Brag and Paul Weller. Who would you rather listen to? Billy Brag or Gary Numan? Paul Weller or Meatloaf? The left have such a hold on the arts that Meatloaf has never won a grammy due to being a regestered Republican but I don’t think that bothers him and he’s still bigger than all the big guns of the left. During the 1990’s Labour had Oasis but Liam Gallagher has since grown out of it and said that Labour are a waste of time

I will admit that I like the Jam and the Dead Kennedy’s but after that, the left have not a lot. Obviously I understand that people on the left take the Dead Kennedy’s seriously and actually believe that we on the right want to kill poor people. But that is an indication of the left not being thinkers like us on the right so with them it’s a case of garbage in garbage out. One of my favourite bands is Cocksparrer who though they have been going since 1972 have had no commercial success. But when they have lyrics like “We’re sick and tired of your liberal views, what’s politically correct?” and sing songs taking sides with soldiers being taken to court by human rights lawyers, with the arts being controlled by the left, they wouldn’t have any commercial success would they? Of course not having any commercial success has probably kept Cocksparrer in touch with the lives of normal people and so they are able to write songs that are clearly understood so we can listen to them and laugh at life. So maybe we should thank the left wing control freaks for only allowing stuff that suits their agenda to come to the fore.

The left wing rulers of the insidious left wing EU have hijacked music too. I love Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and the EU have hijacked it just like Hitler hijacked Wagner and many traditional German folk songs.

It’s not just music though. The left wing rulers of the insidious left wing EU believe they are the bastions and protectors of the arts to the point where they have bought up lots of artwork and hid it in vaults in Brussels. New acquisitions are made after the annexing of new Member States to the EU. Recent acquisitions have been made from the Member States that surrendered their sovereignty in 2004 and 2007. You can read about this policy that sounds very similar to what another bunch of socialists did as they extended their control over the continent between 1938 and 1945, here.


The EU are particularly nasty thieves though because they also have stolen forms of religious expression. They took the blue from the bottom of the statue of the Virgin Mary in Straasbourg Cathedral and then took the ring of stars over her head in Straasbourg Cathedral and used what are sacred symbols to millions of people around the world to create their disgusting flag. It was an act of desecrating something sacred for something profane. This is the main reason I hate the EU flag. How dare the oppresive EU use symbols pertaining to the mother of the one who came to set free the oppressed!

If the EU had stolen Jewish or Muslim symbols for their flag there would be outrage and rightfully so.

This leads us on to another case of hijacking religous symbols. Not all Jewish people support Israel and many devout Jews were against its formation, yet Zionists used a symbol that means something to all Jewish people, the Star of David, to represent their secular state, much to the chagrin of many devout members of the global Jewish community.

This then, leads us nicely on to yet another theft of identity. That is, the way the left have hijacked the Palestinian flag for their crazy political agenda. Flying Hezbollah flags is bad enough but if they want to openly identify themselves with a bunch of ideologically deranged terrorists who believe not in Salem, Shalom or Pax Christi, then it let’s us all know what an ideologically deranged, pro-violence bunch of people they are. But flying the national flag of the Palestinians is a differant matter. Palestinians recognise the Palestinian flag as theirs. Not all Palestinians are terrorists and the majority of Palestinians do not adhere to the deranged views of the western left. But the left have hijacked the Palestinian flag as a symbol of their fantastical struggle against imperialist, western capitalism. They also use the Palestinian flag as an anti Jewish symbol as if all Palestinians are anti-semites like them.

Anti-semitism is so rife amongst the left that Jeremy Corbyn praised an anti-semitic mural depicting the left’s Zionist/Freemason/Illumiati conspiracy theory. If the left had their way, such forms of art would be all we’d be able it see and such art as a painting of an Israeli soldier helping a Palestinian child out of a pile of rubble would be banned because it wouldn’t represent their blinkered world view.

There is of course another case of national symbols being hijacked for a nasty political agenda. That is the way repulsive groups like Britian First and moronic cockwombles like Tommy Robinson hijack the British flag and British national anthem for their un-British ideologically driven agenda. I find how they hijack the British flag and national anthem particularly abhorrant because our flag and our national anthem belong to all of us. They take things that belong to me and use them in such a way that they bring them into disrepute. The situation is made worse by the moronic left claiming that anyone who flies the British flag is a bigoted racist. Our flag is made out of symbols of three of the countries of the United Kingdom and is therefore the earliest flag created to represent inclusivity. The extreme right want to steal our flag from the rest of us and the deranged left are intent on letting them. Do we let a bunch of bigots take it from us? Not bloody likely!

Of course Britain First also hijack religious symbols. And they go around holding crosses. Devout Christians do not agree with Britain First’s beliefs and neither does the founder of our religion. The fact that he helped the Roman centurion, helped the Canaanite woman and said a parable about a good Samaritan tells us that Britain First’s use of the Christian cross is an affront to the Gospel of Christ.

Of course the left also claim that the Cross of Saint George is racist. The idea is so deranged, it is risible. When football fans fly it, are they only supporting players that are the same colour as them? When people of Pakistani decent fly it at England Cricket games against Pakistan, are they racist? Of course, the nasty, bigoted left would call them disgusting names like ‘coconut’ I understand that idiots like Tommy Robinson are trying to hijack it but the rest of us aren’t letting them have that flag either.

Another art and form of expresion that has been hijacked by the left is poetry. Carol Ann Duffy has made a career of writing the same superfluous dribble over and over again. Her poetry doesn’t even work well as a sedative. The left have hijacked poetry to the point where they have killed it.

Poetry is Dead.

I guess there is no one left to know
Reality TV killed it dead
The well wishers go with the flow
Insanity, we will see instead

You know the schedules of their sordid greed
Oh, the misery when it’s said.
Pseudo intellectuals did the sordid deed
Now Poetry is dead.

The glory faded
The PC Brigade have struck
Poetry is dead

Criticise, marginalise
Realise you destroy joy
Oh boy, just kill the thrill now
Still you claim to believe.
Now clash against the flash,
Smash it all to the ground.
Bruised and bashed and buried,
Now, Poetry is dead.

Cleverly and clinically they killed it,
Clear for all to see, poetry is dead.

Get in the garden, look out the balcony,
Have a distorted view of life.
Five-hundred per calender-month,
Poetry is dead.

The left’s control of the arts includes them telling us what kind of sculpture are permisible. Something that’s supposed to represent a dragon fly that looks more like a runway or a pointless fallen over question mark is acceptable but a statue of our greatest peace time prime minister is not. croydons6

Even something like the mural in Ipswich of good Queen Bess disembarking there after sailing up the Orwell is unpermisible. If you go to the Council’s website and look for a sculptures and murals around Ipswich here, it’s not there. Why something of such historical and cultural importance is not there is anyones guess. But maybe it reminds us of a time when Ipswich was a prosperous town and considered so important that the monarch visited the town to meet with civic dignatories, rather than the run down ruinous mess Ipswich Labour are purposfully making it in to.

The left like hijacking the arts and forms of expression so they can pompously claim to be interlectually superior to people on the right.

The left have been known to steal the arts off the working class too. For instance, being of the old left that had decent principles, Benjamin Britten set up the Aldeburgh Music Festival to make live classical music accessible to the masses. But now it costs so much to get a ticket that for the average person, the Aldeburgh Music Festival experience is out of reach. Some of the people who now attend would claim to follow his principles while being smug about what they percieve as their interlectual superiority.

There is a common thread that runs through all this hijacking and theft. It is ideology. This is because any ideology leads to a narrow epistemology where the only thing worth knowing is that which is in line with the world view of the ideology’s adherants. So according to the flawed logic all expresion contrary to their view is fictitous, dangerous and must be either stopped or taken over and recreated into something else..

After all this hijacking and theft, the left’s claim of interlectual superiority still has no traction in reality. The claim that they are the artistic ones while the right are not bears no traction either. For a start, something tells me that David Starkey sells more books than Owen Jones. Amongst my Conservative friends I know two photographers, two poets, a number of writers, a wedding planner, two florists, lots of garden designers and a number of musicians. Amongst my left wing friends I know a few musicians and that’s about all. So after all this hijacking and theft, freedom of expression is living on.

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1 Response to Hijacking the Arts and Forms of Expression

  1. Many artists/singers are happy to belong to the left,to be owned by the left-yet they are revered as outsiders/free-thinkers/non-conformists.It’s a bit of a joke.


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