The Nonevent that was Labour Live


Is this a rush or a crush?

Yesterday a bunch of smug, bourgeois lefties attended a nonevent in a field in Tottenham. They parked their Merc’s, Astons and Porche’s in side streets and got out of their cars in their scruffy clothes and stupid Teeshirts and walked to what was supposed to be a great festival but turrned out to be a complete flop. There was no queing and no rush. They sort of meandered through the barriars strolled slowly and started having pic nics.

Here the Guardian says


Looks like a village pub beer festival

When the gates opened at noon there was no festival stampede toward the main stage mosh pit, rather a steady stroll, followed by a laying out of tartan picnic rugs and folding camping chairs. In this, it seemed that the event had something of the authentic character of its headline act, even if that actually made it more village fete than Sandinista rally. One of the obvious problems of performing under the slogan of “For the Many” is when only a few of them turn up.

Labour Live 7

The crap choice you have under socialism

The Workers Beer Company refused to provide keg versions of its product, because they were “reserved for high-volume events”. But on the day, they ran out of beer and people had to resort to drinking Fosters. A drink considered by the majority of lager drinkers as fizzy piss.

The price of drink was also a complete rip off. Rosé for £20. Maybe they were trying to pretend that they were working class people who are completely ignorant about wine, rather than the bourgeois that they are.

The over pricing and the running out of beer gave the people present an experience of what Corbyn’s Britian would be like with shortages and rocketing inflation.

But if people really wanted to be ripped off, they could buy tack from the merchandise tent. £15 for a Jeremy Corbyn scarf. £12 for a cup

labour Live 5

Such junk a car boot sale wouldn’t have it

and £6 for the Corbyn Cult’s holy book, the 2017 rejected manifesto. With the kind of money the merchandise cost, we are able to surmise that rather than being the poor, working class, downtrodden people members of his cult claim to be, they are the bourgeois with fairies in their brians and money to burn.

There was also a book store where attendees could pay over the odds for nonsense ridden, badly written books.

Labour Live 3

Should have just booked a village hall

There was plenty of that kinder gentler politics there too.The Guardian also says


A Village open Gardens weekend?

Outside I met a few young representatives of For our Future’s Sake who were planning a “friendly protest” against the party’s refusal to have a proper debate on Brexit policy. They were planning to unfurl a pro-Remain banner when Corbyn took the stage, though they feared their banner might be confiscated by Momentum heavies.

They also cheered at a song called We’re going to kick those posh boys up the Arse.

Corbyn's not so humble abode

Corbyn’s hovel

I hope none of them were shown the house where their messiah was brought up. That could put a cat amongst the pidgeons. But then hypocrisy and double think is the Labour thing these days.


Looks like a church fete

It was all rather dull and pedestrian until their messiah entered. He shuffled across the expanse of empty grass flanked by four burly henchtrots and his followers rushed towards him screaming hysterically wanting the chance to be able to even touch the hem of his garment. They were singing their favourite hymn of praise to their revered great bearded one. The egotistical maniac lapped up their worship of him.

Labour Live 6

Why does he look so anxious? Does he suffer from agrophobia?

He got to the stage to give his sermon of emetic vacuity to the little portion gathered before him. They listened intently to their beloved speak his words of empty folly. It was the usual stuff that would make the magic money tree eventually wither. Claiming to be able to deliver the impossible. After he had finished his sermon to his little flock of sheep, they worshiped him enthusiastically for a brief few moments and then the nonevent went back to being the dull, pedestrian affair that it had been before


Non League Football Teams get bigger crowds than Corbyn


Putting on this vanity project cost the Labour Party over one and a half million pounds, unite gave 1000 tickets away and the original figure that Corbyn’s diciples keep putting naughts on the end given was 1300. So after spending over one and a half million to set the thing up they got gate receipts of just over three grand and the tickets are not VAT exempt so they have to give the VAT to HM Revenue and Customs. If the Labour party was a business, it would now be filing for bankruptcy.

Labour Live has also cost Labour in votes because nobody in their right mind wants people who could make such a financial balls up anywhere near our economy.


I’ve seen more people walking dogs in the park

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