Response to Fake News Article in the Express

According to the Express here Junker has said that British qualifications won’t be recognised in the EU after Brexit. Junker is so hated in his native Luxembourg, he daren’t go there. Of course, you have to have an IQ of an international scale of Luxembourg to believe everything the Express says.

“So where did you get your engineering degree from?”
“Sorry, we don’t recognise degrees from there becuase it’s a British university.”

As if a Danish student would get a degree at Cambridge and not be able to get a job in Denmark.

The Express has gone downhill since the Mirror bought it and it was pretty dire before.

NARIC checks and validates equivalence in academic and professional qualifications ‘pursued elsewhere’. It will continue to do so.
NARIC is international, universally recognised and self-funding. Applicants , or their employers pay a fee to have their ‘overseas’ award NARIC’d.
No NARIC, No job.

“UK NARIC is part of the NARIC network. This is an initiative of the European Commission and was created in 1984. The network aims at improving academic recognition of diplomas and periods of study in the Member States of the EU, the EEA countries and the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Cyprus. It is also the UK National Agency in the wider European Network of Information Centres (ENICs).”

If UK NARIC has to become independent it will.

No way can the EU refuse to recognise a UK NARIC certificate because said certificate is issued in line with EU NARIC guidelines and directives. Those are, universally; the same. So, for example a UK trained civil engineer wanting to work in France will obtain a French NARIC and work in France, qualification validated. Vice versa for the French-qualified Civil Engineer coming to work here , they’d get a UK NARIC. The EU states aren’t going to refuse NARIC certificates that they themselves issued and niether will we.

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