Signs in Woodbridge (or lack of them)

According to the latest copy of East Coast Extra

New signs looking to celebrate the town of Woodbridge have been blasted by two councillors for being created with inaccuracies on the crest. The new signs cost Woodbridge town council £8,200 and would be placed at the number of locations across the Town.  These would include Elmhurst Park, Fen Meadow and Kingston Field. They would replace old signage at the different locations.

But there is a problem as the East Suffolk Extra continues to say later on

The crest used on the new signage is a modification of the existing Crest. The College of arms has determined that it is unlawful to bear arms which have not been authorised by the Crown or by her majesty’s heraldic authorities of the College of arms, and accordingly the new signage cannot be used.

Apparantly, the cockerels  which were originally taken from he ancient crest recorded for the Seckford family at the visitation of Suffolk in 1561 and 1577, are facing the wrong way and the rose which  commemorates Edward Fitzgerald’s residence in Woodbridge during the 19th century, is a new design.

Also, only a quarter of them have been delivered and so the council should be refunded. This matter is going to be discussed by Woodbridge town councils finance and staffing committee at its next meeting.

Another matter regarding signage is the damage done to the Olde Bell and Steel Yard by a tall lorry in April. We wait for Suffolk County Council to close the road so it can be repaired. Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page claims that it would’t have been damaged if her daft 20mph zones proposal had been put in place. I disagree because firstly, putting the wieght of the average lorry into account, damage would still occur if the speed was 10 mph less because F=MA. Secondly, with the way you turn into New Street and with the bend in the road and the parked cars along it, you’d have to be a complete prat to be doing 30 mph down there anyway.

As, areas outside schools already have 20mph zones, there is no need for anymore. Also, Suffolk Constabulary have openly said that they wouldn’t enforce it.

As Caroline thinks her 20 mph scheme would solve it, she’s not interested in a proper solution. The issue of the Olde Bell and Steel Yard having so many hits and near misses is not a problem related to speed. It is a problem of insufficient signage. There is a hieght restriction sign at the junction of Grundisburgh Road and the By Pass, but there is no hieght restriction signs anywhere else. So a lorry driver travelling from Wickham way gets told by his prat nav to go down Hasketon Road and there is no signage to put them off going down there. I have discussed this with a couple of local Conservatives so that now the resolving of this issue is in the process of taking place.

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