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In typical Lib Dem style, Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem, Inga Lockington has been claiming responsibility for things Conservative Councillors, Chris Chambers and Lee Reynolds have done. She has a long history of claiming to have done things other people have done. The Lib Dems often claimed that they had done things that Ben Gummer had done. Obviously they can’t claim to have done anything Alexander has done because he never does anything, so they now claim to do things that Conservative councillors have done instead. At present Inga is claiming to have got the 20mph zone in Anglesea Road when it was Chris chambers who did it. She’d been a councillor for years and nothing happened then Chris Chambers was elected and then it did happen because he made it happen. You can read about it here.

In Woodbridge the Lib Dems have done a deal with Labour and are not standing in the by election. What have Labour offered in return?

In Southwold and Reyden the Lib Dems have done a deal with the Greens so the Green’s are not putting up a candidate there. What the Green’s have been offered in return is irrelevant because the Lib Dems are not likely to keep their side of the deal. The Lib Dem’s are duplicitous backstabbers who do not keep deals. For instance, when in coalition, they broke the agreement which was an AV referendum in exchange for parliamentary reform. You can’t trust the dirty, misleading, vicious Lib Dems.


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