Caroline Page does a party political blog post against party political politics

The nightmare that is the Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has written a blog post of called “Woodbridge Town Council – WHAT is going on?”

It starts

A massive loss of data. Extraordinary secrecy. Accusations of party politicking from a majority party that has for years overseen the debacle and is now busy evading the issue.

What on earth is going on in Woodbridge?

Notice that her blog post opens with a party political statement. Then she says

Firstly, why the party politics?

When hasn’t Caroline Page not made a party political issue out of something?

She continues

I’m sure most of Woodbridge residents would totally support a non-political town council. Indeed, one wonders why Woodbridge Town Council – alone amongst its peers- wants to have a party-political structure at this level of local government. There is no equivalent in any similar town or parish  for miles.

Well considering every county councillor’s report she gives at Woodbridge Town Council meetings has something put in it for party political purposes, what would she expect? Does she think she should be able to attack the Tories at county level and have Woodbridge Tories take it on the chin and not defend their colleagues at county level?

Cro Page has gone on and on about the reductions in school transport funding for purely party polittical reasons. The county council are funding transport to the nearest school and as all Woodbridge primary schools have an ofsted rating of good and the nearest primary school with an ofsted rating of outstanding is in Charsfield where all the children and staff live in the village, making a child from Woodbridge being like a fish out of water there, at primary level it’s not an issue for Woodbridge. Then as Farlingaye has an ofsted rating of outstanding and Kesgrave only has an ofsted rating of good, the issue doesn’t effect residents of Woodbridge at all.

So why has Caroline Page brought it up so much in her reports to Woodbridge Town Council as it has nothing to do with Woodbridge, except as an excuse to have a go at the Conservatives?

The County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge then says this

(This is exactly why the LibDems and Greens have stood down in the current Woodbridge Kyson by-election to offer the chance of better political balance to the town!)

What she means by this is that they all hate Tories and didn’t want to split the left wing vote or the Lib Dems and Greens members who are willing to stand are a bit thin on the ground, or more likely, both. T

The Lib Dems weren’t bothered about their being a vacancy until they found out the Conservatives had somebody who was willing to stand. At finding out this, Caroline Page’s other half went around the ward and got thirty signitures calling for a by election. Then much to everybodies suprise, the yellow peril never put anybody up.

Also, as Caroline talks of extraordinary secrecy, I think I’ll mention the secret meeting between the Lib Dem’s and the Greens until one of them let the cat out of the bag.

Of course Caroline Page’s whole post is a party political broadcast and as there’s a by election coming up with no Lib Dem candidate, it’s a party political broadcast for the Labour Party. It takes a true Lib Dem to be that duplicitous.

So why the party politics?
As Caroline Page is in the thick of it all, maybe she can tell us.

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