Defibrilator for Ravenswood

After months of research and speaking to local businesses by local campigner, Samantha Murrayu, it is almost there with getting this fitted.

Funding is coming from a wonderful resident who contacted her offering to pay for the machine.

The supplier will be a charity called Heart2Heart. Jayne from Heart2Heart has been fantastic throughout the process and will also offer the training required for the residents.

It will be housed outside McDonalds. This was the only place that agreed to house it straight away. The coop after being asked a number of times has finally agreed to house it but after weighing up the positives, McDonalds is where Sam Murray feels it should go. It has an extensive CCTV system and it will have people on its premises 24 hours a day so it will add extra security for the Defib, which is an expensive piece of kit to replace if damaged.

sam Murray, the resident, Heart2heart and McDonalds are now going to meet in the next couple of weeks about getting the machine fitted as soon as possible.

There have been others interested in being involved but as this is the final stage and its all pretty much ready to be fitted Sam would like to thank those people but sometimes too many chefs and all. So the four of them will get this sorted. Sam Murray really just wants to get this fitted now and avoid anymore unnecessary delays.

Training will Sam hopes take place in the community centre for all who are interested in learning how to use the machine. Once she has any further information she will share this.

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3 Responses to Defibrilator for Ravenswood

  1. Its a shame now all the hard work is done so many want to take credit or jump along board for some glory.

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