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Labour today is now under the complete control of Corbyns thugs in  Momentum. The Labour Party is now dead.

Momentum Labour the Fanatical Pro EU Party

The Momentum Labour Party are as extreme in their pro EU views as the Lib Dems are. This is because they believe the EU to be the tool to bring about their global communist paradise. To say or do anything against the EU is as much a sin as speaking against their leader and plastic messiah, Jeremy of Islington.

Veteran MP Frank Field is facing a move by Birkenhead Momentum thugs  to have him suspended from the party as a punishment for voting for Brexit. More here.

Vauxhall momentum thugs have also moved to have Kate Hoey MP deselected as well. A motion was passed at a meeting of the Vauxhall momentum controlled Labour party on for her to lose the Labour whip and for the party’s national executive not to allow her to be reselected for the seat. There was three abstentuons and everyone else voted for the motion. Nobody dared vote against the motion out of fear of reprisals from Corbyn’s Momentum thugs. More here.

Momentum Labour the Party of anti Semites

Here, pro Palestinian, Israeli publication Haaretz says

The new and looser classification fudges a number of elements of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition (widely accepted both internationally and by official bodies in the United Kingdom), which says that Jewish people should be allowed to define what constitutes anti-Semitism.

Most notably, Labour’s new guidelines call for “evidence of anti-Semitic intent” – an inclusion that seems to be a useful way of whitewashing many of the incidents of alleged anti-Semitism the party is still investigating.

Dame Margeret Hodge could be expelled from Momentum controlled Labour Today for telling anti semite, Jeremy Corbyn that he’s a fucking anti semite. Of course the situation here is made worse by the fact that Dame Margeret Hodge had family members murdered during an event that many of Corbyn’s henchtrots believe never happened. More here.

Then there is the case of Coucillor Enticott, who is a member of Bognor Regis Town Council, who posted an anti semetic video, called Jews parasites and called for their execution.He has been suspended from the Momentum Labour Party but will no doubt be readmitted quietly. More here.

Apparantly the anti semetic, Momentum controlled Labour leadership has been left surprised at the strength of support and solidarity shown by MPs to their Jewish colleagues. More here.

Long Standing Councillors Removed

Also, in brighton, Councillors Daniel Chapman, Anne Meadows and Adrian Morris  have been deselected after Brighton and Hove Momentum coerced members to vote for pro-Corbyn candidates to stand in the city council elections in May. More here.

Momentum controlled Labour today is not just an unpleasant place for moderates but a dangerous one

Labour MP for rotherham has recieved death threats for stating the truth. she said that British pakistani men are raping white girls.  More here.

It’s time for sensible MPs to leave, they have nothing to lose but the chains of the hard left

Also, here Nora Mulready says.

When the left goes bad, it is not because it has bad housing or foreign  policies, it is because of how it treats people who stand in its way.  After 20 years of Labour membership and based on my experience in the  Labour Party over the last few years, I now believe that the Labour  Party has gone bad.

It is now not just a horrible place for  outspoken moderates, but a dangerous one. Acknowledging that, and  walking away, is not “giving in”, it is simply being honest about the  true extent of the authoritarianism that now grips the party.


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