Response to Caroline Page’s Blog Post on Cycling

Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page has written a blog post saying that Suffolk Conservatives can’t afford to fund cycling. This is after a Green/Lib Dem motion was defeated at the council

On her blog she says

The first motion asked for a strategic, costed five-year cycling plan to be drawn up for Suffolk; secondly  we asked  for a commitment of 5% of the annual Integrated Transport Block (the equivalent of £160,000).

Both motions were vital: without a  commitment of funding, it will be impossible to implement a cycling plan.

However, the Conservatives refused to commit any funding whatsoever  to cycling infrastructure – thus managing to have their fiscal cake and eat it. Affordability is clearly a state of mind.

She then talks about the days when the Lib Dems and Labour controlled the council. The days before Labour wrecked the econonomy.

So she says that Suffolk Conservatives can’t afford to fund cycling and she’s right. Unless she wants £160,000 taken from another budget like social care, the fire service or education. Then she needs to tell us what she thinks is worth losing money for cycling.

The Lib Dems and the Greens want more cycle paths in Suffolk. As a cyclist, I’d like to know where they have in mind to put them.  About the only place in Woodbriodge where a cycle path would be useful is along the A12, where there already is one. There’s plenty of them through Kesgrave, so we are well connected to Ipswich. There is no more between Woodbridge and Halesworth apart from some around Rendlesham. But where exactly can a cycle path go between Woodbridge and Framlingham, or between Fram and Halesworth or Halesworth to Saxmundham, or Sax to Fram?

Do they want more of those broken line cycle paths around the place? I usually cycle outside of them to avoid motorists sending me into the kerb like one did once and caused me to break my arm. I used the cycle path from Great Blakenham to Bramford the other day.(A cycle path I mentioned when I spoke on Radio Suffolk when I was speaking about cycle paths a couple of weeks ago) I don’t know how the hell I didn’t get a puncture. Brambles across it along with bits of broken glass, nails and various sharp metal objects amongst the debris. If existing cycle paths in Suffolk are like that, a lot of new ones are likely to get like that too. So what’s the point?

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