Letter Box Gate

The Quran tells women to dress modestly. The Burqa isn’t modest, It’s extreme.

Many Imam’s have come out in support of Boris Johnson. Imam Taj Hargey, from the Oxford Islamic Congregation said that Boris has nothing to apologise for and ‘did not go far enough’ in his remarks. He siad,

Although this deliberate identity-concealing contraption is banned at the Kaaba in Mecca it is permitted in Britain, thus precipitating security risks, accelerating vitamin D deficiency, endorsing gender-inequality and inhibiting community cohesion

The Niqab is a cultural thing from Saudi Arabia Somehow the Niqab has become a fashion statement. They’re not wearing them in Tunisia or Jordan or Morrocco. As a matter of fact many articles have been written by Muslims in other countries against it.

A lot of people are upset by Boris johnson’s letter box joke including the Guardian. But interestingly as the Spectator reveals here the Guardian used the letter box gag first. Rowan Atkinson has said that it was a pretty good joke. more here.

Naz ‘grooming gang victims should shut up in the interest of diversity’ Shah has claimed that the letter box remark was Islamophobic. The Burqa is a cultural thing from certain Afghan tribes and the Niqab is a cultural thing from Saudi Arabia. As the vast majority of British Muslims are not from either Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia but are from many differant countries with diverse expresions of culture amongst them, I think Naz ‘grooming gang victims should shut up in the interest of diversity’ Shah should shut up in the intersts of diversity. Let’s face it, Saudi Arabia isn’t looked upon as some sort of cultural beacon is it? More of a human rights cesspit actually.

While there is a storm in a tea cup in Britain about the right to wear the full letter box, in Iran women are getting sentenced to 20 years in prison fighting for the right not to wear headscarves.

Shaparak Shajarizadeh said she had been jailed for “opposing the compulsory hijab” and “waving a white flag of peace in the street” in a post on her personal website.

More here.

Amnesty International says,

Under international law, Iranian legislation which provides for compulsory veiling constitutes a clear violation of a number of key human rights. It is deeply discriminatory of women and girls, who are its direct and sole target. Such compulsion in law also violates the rights of women and girls to freedom of expression, thought, conscience, religion and privacy, and specific rights of children.

In compelling women and girls to cover their hair, including through violent and humiliating acts and arbitrary arrests and detention, the authorities have also deeply hurt women’s dignity and perpetrated in legal terms cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, which is absolutely prohibited under international law. Where they cause severe pain or suffering, whether mental or physical, such acts amount to torture.

More here.

Some people are calling for the Niqab to be banned in the UK. The Niqab is a cultural thing from Saudi that has somehow become a fashion statement. If the calls for a ban of it are based on a disliking of it then it shouldn’t be banned becuase it would be dictatoriel to do so on such grounds. If the calls for a ban is based on security then it shouldn’t be banned because such grounds would be a victory to terrorists because it would be an infringement on liberty. If the calls for a ban is based on women being forced to wear it by male members of their family, then it should be banned becuase a banning would stop an injustice. To me it is a fashion statement to put forward an identity. If we see a woman wearing a Niqab we know they are Muslim but it doesn’t tell us anything else about them. The same as if we see a bloke with a manbun, we know that they’re a dickhead but are unable to ascertain anything else about them.

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