Ipswich Council Sacked!

Yes, that’s right, Ipswich council have been sacked. Unfortunately it’s Ipswich in Queensland where the council has been sacked so Ipswich Labour can continue destroying the Borough with the continued support of the majority of Ipswich people who clearly enjoy the town being turned into a run down ruinous mess on purpose.

At 6PM on thr 21st of August, Ipswich City Council was dismissed by the Queensland State Government. It was a unanimous vote in the Queensland Parliament to sack Ipswich’s 11 councillors and appoint an administrator. The Bill will be given Royal Assent tomorrow, which means it will become law.

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said dozens of residents and council staff contacted her after the show-cause notice was issued in May.

“The general mood in Ipswich is one of confusion, frustration and sometimes anger,” she said.

“Staff were telling me of bullying by one or two of the longer serving councillors… this is unacceptable.

“I want to reassure council staff those days are behind them.”

Ms Howard felt “sympathy and empathy to some of the councillors” but said the dismissal was about “righting a systemic wrong”.

The Ipswich MP said the council chaos caused the city’s CBD redevelopment to “virtually come to a standstill”, which had forced businesses to close.

“The Ipswich community wants to be confident that their councillors and mayor will serve in the community’s interest,” she said.

“The people of Ipswich are fighters and will bounce back from this upheaval,” she said.

More here.

Such a shame that there isn’t a mechanism to sack Ipswich Borough council. As it is, Captain Mainwaring can continue leading an administration that is destroying Ipswich and write articles in the paper giving unworkable solutions to things he doesn’t understand. Of course if the two MP’s representing Ipswich, England could sack the council, Get Out of My Way would  see no need because Ipswich Labour do what the useless Big Sandy tells them to do anyway.

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