Conservatives In Touch


The Conservative Party is the only Party that is In Touch with the electorate.40172360_10160755185750150_2432808100818845696_n

More Council Houses Being Built

There is a shortage of housing in the country due the the last Labour government who Jeremy Corbyn was a member of, not building enough homes. As a matter of fact, Margeret Thatcher had more new homes built in one year than Labour had built in 13 years. People are worried about being able to afford housing and as the Conservatives are In Touch with the electorate, this Conservative government has had built twice as many council houses as Labour had built during the 13 misirable years they were in government.

Reducing the Deficit

40242555_10160755182635150_5490071147594645504_nDue to the last Labour government having our country living beyond its means, they left the Conservatives the pain of having to clear up their legacy of deficit and debt. After having to make some very tough decisions, this Conservative government has successfully brought downm the deficit to a point where we are now running a weekly surplus rather than a weekly deficit. As a matter of fact, the Conservatives have reduced the deficit by three quarters. Austerity has worked and it won’t be long before we as a country are living within our means again and will be able to briong down the debyt also and invest more in public services. The deficit was a worry to the electorate and being In Touch with the electorate, the Conservatives have relieved their anxiety.

More Work Place Pensions

40137676_10160755187760150_7426235421014622208_nThe last Labour government pillaged people’s pensions leading to anxiety amongst our aging population about how people will cope when they retire. This Conservative government understands people’s worry about this because it is In Touch with the electorate. Hence due to sound policies and governance under the Conservatives, the proportion of employees with work place pensions has increased by 20%. This helps many hard working families across the country.

Delivering Brexit

The Conservative’s Brexit Plan is delivering on what the electoorate voted for in the referendum. The majority of the elctorate including the majority of those who voted to remain what the government to get on with getting us out of th reEuropean Union in line with the public’s wishes. As the Conservative’s are In Touch with the e;lectorate they are aware of this and are hence getting on with getting us out of the European Union.

The Brexit Plan includes acomplete end to freedom of movement, taking back control of our borders, an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK, restoring the supremacy of British courts, no more sending vast sums of money each year to the EU,no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland – or between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy, the freedom to strike new trade deals around the world and
an independent foreign and defence policy. Compared to anything the other parties offer, it is Hard Brexit. Hard Brexit is what th epeople voted for and because the Conservatives are In Touch with the people, Hard Brexit is what they are delivering.

Don’t Waste Your Vote On Other Parties. Only The Conservatives Are In Touch With The People’s  Concerns And Aspirations

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