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Corbyn’s Black Shirts

I heard a couple of Corbynites talking and they said that the Conservatives won a majority in 2015 because the then Labour leader was Jewish. They said the word ‘Jew’ with venom in their voices.

Jewish MPs will be given bodyguards at next month’s Labour Party Conference as fears around their safety grow because of how Labour Today is.

A source said: “This conference will be particularly tense as much of the worst antisemitic trolling on the internet has been traced back to hotspots in Merseyside.

As so many in Labour today believe in the Zionist/Freemason/Jewish/ illuminati conspiracy bollocks, the anti semites in Labour Today are claiming that it’s a conspiracy to undermine their dear leader. Left wing, pro Palestinian, Israeli publication Haaretz here has written about the anti semitism in Labour Today. But the Electronic Intifada believe in the Zionist/Freemason/Jewish/ illuminati conspiracy bullshit and have posted an article mixing truth with conspiritorial, tin foil hat rubbish here. It mentions Israeli embassy spy Shai Masot but naturally doesn’t mention the video of him talking about launching a smear campaign against Alan Duncan because he is a Conservative and according to the conspiracy theorists all Conservatives are in on the conspiracy. A number of Conservatives have always been outspoken in regard the the Israeli governments treatment of the Palestinians. Nick Soames and Crispin Blunt being two examples. But they have never been accused of being anti semetic. But then, they have never laid a wreath on the graves of dead terrorists or met the leader of Hamas and boasted about it or spoken at Hezbollah rallies or praised antisemetic murals or spoken at a meeting promoted by Hamas and said that British Zionists had “no sense of English irony” 

There is a long history of anti semitism in the Labour Party with a belief in the the Zionist/Freemason/Jewish/ illuminati conspiracy. For instance, Keir Hardie said that Jews were part of a secretive “imperialist” cabal that promoted war. In an opinion piece in The Independent, David Feldman and Brendan McGeever quoted a 1891 piece from the newspaper founded by Hardie, the Labour Leader, saying that “hook-nosed Rothschilds” plotted imperialist wars. The evil conspiracy is believed by many in Labour Today.

Sir Robert Winston has called Jeremy Corbyn incompetant. The response from the Corbynites is an anti semetic response.

An Obsession with Class

Jeremy Corbyn has said that the BBC should declare the “social class” of all its presenters and journalists as part of a bid to improve its diversity. The pied piper of Islington has said that presenters could be required to supply details about their background, including whether they went to private school and their parent’s occupation and education. He claims that the information would then be published as part of a drive to ensure there is “complete transparency” for “all creators of BBC content”. More here. Jeremy Corbyn is comprehensively weird. He is about as distanced from the concerns of ordinary people as could be imagined, as this shows. But then he’s a middle class, privately educated, terrorist and dictator-loving vegetarian Marxist. So normal people aren’t really his forte are they?

Going the Full Venezuela


As inflation in Venezuela hits 100,000% – a chicken now costs 14 million Bolivars. The country is starving – They will soon need international aid. All due to socialist economic planning. Jeremy Corbyn believes it will work for the UK.

The looting, the blackouts, the mob lynchings, the hospitals with no supplies. Venezuela’s collapse into disarray is of a scale unseen in the Western Hemisphere in decades. You can read Labour Today’s plan for Britain here.


Brexit? No, Socialism!

A currency devalued by 96 per cent, a minimum wage up by 6,000 per cent (to $30 a month) and a bank withdrawal limit of 12p — it’s just another week in Socialist Venezuela.

“The issues in Venezuela are partly structural because not enough has been done to diversify the economy away from oil – that has to be a priority for the future.

But we also have to recognise that there have been effective and serious attempts at reducing poverty, improving literacy and improving the lives of the poorest people”.

_Jeremy Corbyn


Venezuelans at the Columbia Border

The failed socialist experiment in Venezuela has driven people across the border!

Venezuelans will no longer be admitted with just an identity card, although children, pregnant women and the elderly are exempted.
Similar rules were introduced in Ecuador last week, only to be overturned by a court.
Tens of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing their country amid chronic shortages of food and medicines.
The country’s longstanding economic crisis has seen more than two million citizens leave since 2014, causing regional tensions as neighbouring countries struggle to accommodate them.
The UN is setting up a special team to co-ordinate the regional response.
However, the UN’s migration agency has warned that the continent faces a refugee “crisis moment” similar to that seen in the Mediterranean in 2015.


Venezuela’s problem isn’t that socialism has been poorly implemented. Venezuela’s problem is that socialism has been faithfully implemented.
:- Donald Trump

The Party of Economic Meltdown

Corbyn has  pledged to borrow £2 trillion.

People’s quantitive easing. 500 billion.
Northern Power House. 500 billion.
Re nationalisation Programme. 250 billion.
Student Debt and Tuition Fees. 500 billion. Over a five year period.
NHS. 37 billion.
Police. 5 billion.
Various for under 25’s. 11 billion.
Living Wage and Benefits. 20 billion.
Public Sector Pay. 9 billion.

There are no plans to pay it back. This would be Venezuela * 100.


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