Alexander’s Not Great

Since becoming the Ipswich MP for Labour, Alexander Martin has been completely useless. We have been informed that this nonentity of an MP has said that what he enjoys about being an MP is going to bed at night and the thing he most hates about being an MP is getting up in the morning.

Since becoming MP after months and months, Alexander openly said that he hadn’t bothered to look at the case work past on to him by Ben Gummer.  Then the next we heard of him was when he was telecanvassing Conservative council candidates wanting them to go out and vote for the continued ruination of Ipswich by Labour.

What else has Alexander done? Well aparantly he has been known to tell members of the electorate to ‘fuck off.’ But that’s not as bad as it seems because by his actions, Alexander has let us know that he thinks the Ipswich electorate can fuck off. Though 58% of his constituents voted to leave the EU, Alexander has voted against Brexit in parliament a number of times and spoke at a Staylinist rally in Ipswich. So to Alexander, the views of his constituents are not important.

What is important to Alexander is green crap. He has recently written two articles about climate change. He says that if the temperature of the oceans increases too much, sulphur dioxide could start to bubble up from the depths rendering our air unbreathable. Oh shit, we’re all going to die!

If you try and find a peer reviewed article on any of this anthropogenic climate change nonsense, you’ won’t find one.

One of the ways to combat climate change Alexander suggests is eating less meat. He says that cows’ flatulence is a major factor in the greenhouse effect, and methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2 is. I think there’s a lot of noxous gas produced by Alexander and his Labour comrades.

Alexander is not great.

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