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This is the first in a new series of posts called Suffolk Remainiac News where this blog will discuss what the Staylinists are doing.

A few weeks ago Robert Peston addressed the Suffolk Staylinist faithful in Woodbridge. A number of Suffolk Brexiteers also attended to listen to his ignorant nonsense.

We have been informed that at the end  one Brexiteer upset a member of the Staylinist faithful by wearing a badge that said “Fuck the EU” on it. After telling the wearer of his offence  at the sight of such freedom of expression, he attempted to remove the badge off him. This lead the Staylinists arguing amongst themselves about whether it is right to assault Brexiteers or not.

The demographics of attendees was interesting. They were all what Suffolk people would call wioght haired sayntly tioypes. Very interesting considering that Staylinists claim that older people voted out and younger people voted in.

Peston started off by saying that Brexit was caused by a strange alliance between the north and south of England. He was saying  it in such a way to put it across that he was somewhat confused by it while also putting it across that he understood the rubbish he was coming out with. He claimed that the strange alliance was based on northerners not liking immigration and southerners not liking British soverighnty being usurped by his beloved unelected fascists in Brussels. Nevah ard sa much squit in all moi liofe. I also find it absolutely disgusting because it implies that northerners are racist when they certqainly are not. The Londoncentric, metropolitan, EU loving elite are utterly clueless. People across the country voted because of immigration and soverieghnty but they primarily voted out because they don’t like a bunch of unelected political failures telling them what to do and because they believe in democracy. The whole country as a whole voted against what the Staylinists in their metropolitan bubble, smugly believe. The idea of the Kingdom United probably scares them to death. Especially when they don’t believe in the United Kingdom, but rather in a supranational, political entity based in Brussels.

Peston finished his squit about a strange alliance between the north and the south by waving his hands about and passionately saying “But the main reason people voted to leave was Boris Johnson.” The Staylinist faithfull erupted with applause over this pasionately given incredulous supersition.

While canvassing for Vote Leave I never once had someone tell me that they were voting to leave because of Boris Johnson. I had one person say that they were going to vote to remain becuase they didn’t want Boris to be prime minister but that was the only time I heard him mentioned.

Peston then proceeded to rabbit on about the Vote Leave Bus. The Staylinist faithful have this strange belief that people voted to leave because of something written on the side of a bus. It’s even more strange when you realise that some of them work in marketing. If Natwest had adverts on buses in Ipswich would lots of Ipswich people close their accounts with Llloyds and Barclays and open accounts with Natwest to the point where Lloyds would have to close a few branches? Do Staylinists believe that something written on the side of a bus has that much power? They call leave voters stupid?

Since the Peston visit to Woodbridge the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance have been busy having meetings at the Woodbridge Cherry Tree and at Seckford Hall.

They have also been busy going around with their Brexitometer. The Brexitometer is a thing they put up for people to put coloured pins in yes or no to Brexit. We know from Focus Leaflets that Lib Dems like pointless, meaningless graphs don’t we? These Brexitometers are used in much the same way as the pointless graphs on Focus leaflets. That is, to mislead the electorate. Only Brexitometers that are unfavourable to Brexit and favourble to  a third refernedum are shared on social media to put it across that the Staylinists are now the majority. The disingeniuty is such that the East Anglian EU Alliance shared lots of pictures of their brexitometer in Cambridge and the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance crowed about the results they got in Woodbridge on their Brexitometer but they didn’t bother to get it out when they were in Saxmundham because they knew it wouldn’t be in their interests to share the results of it.

The third referendum is about splitting the leave vote. They want three boxes. One being remain, one being leave with the chequers deal and one leaving with no deal. It’s a scam thought up by democracy hating elitists who like to have their own way.


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1 Response to Suffolk Remainiac News

  1. George Warren says:

    Last Night of the Proms was wonderful as usual, despite all the ridiculous blue hats and flags with 12 yellow stars amongst the audience. Wasn’t it noticeable that in the more patriotic songs, the waving of Union Flags was robust, but the Blue Slaves of Juncker held their flags low in embarrassment. In a little over 6 months, Britons will no longer ever be slaves again as we strike out an an independent and proud nation once again.

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