Corbyn’s Conference Speech


Labour Today is really messed up on so many levels desperately promising every thing to every one but actually delivering nothing. Corbyn would run this Country into the ground.

Here’s his list of ice cream and lollypops.
Free bus passes for under 25s Tuition fees
Rail nationalisation
Water nationalisation
Utilities nationalisation
Post Office nationalisation
insulate every house in the UK
Build millions of Council houses
Entire Public Sector pay rises
Minimum wage £10 per hour
3rd of all management board seats for workers
10% of all shares to workers pot
More immigration

To fund that, they’d have to rise income tax by 60%. The country would collapse. But at the conference we have been given an insight into Corbynomics. Apparantly, it won’t cost the tax payer because all nationalised industries would be funded by the profits of other nationalised industries. Where the investment that would make the profit for other nationalised industries would come from hasn’t been made clear. Labour Today have been accused of college refrectory politics but as far as I can remember, the politics discussed in the college refrectory when I was a student was far less vacuous.

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