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IMG_4532Special Conservative Party Conference Edition

This week was the Conservative conference. It was much more productive than the conferance some ideologically deranged people had last week, which involved listening to deranged rants, clapping like seals at the most outlandish statement ands waving flags of a foriegn country and calling for the country that occupies it to be wiped off the map, creating the biggest refugee crisis since world war two. The conservative Party Conference was rightfully called a conference because lots of confering was done. I am pleased to announce that there was a lot of conferring amongst the Eastern Region Conservatives which involved confering with the relevant members of government to benifit all within the Eastern region.

There was also some brilliant policy anoncements

42987761_10156371351404279_8629941473627865088_nBanning Deductions on Workers Tips

Due to being in touch with the electorate, the Conservative Party understand why so many think that employers taking a share of tips given to staff is wrong. Therefore, the Conservatives will ensure that our strong economy is works for ordinary people.

Some employers take a percentage from tips – but the Conservative Party don’t think that’s fair. So they’re stopping this to:

1. Boost pay for workers on low wages.
2. Offer a more honest arrangement for the consumers who leave tips.

Creating Jobs

Conservatives want ordinary working people rewarded for their hard work as working people rightfully believe they should be.


Since 2010, due to the sound economic policies of the Conservative party, more jobs have been created in Britian than in France, spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Norway combined. This fantastic acheivement of allowing so many people out of poverty through employment by building a strong economy would come to a grinding halt if the Moscow loving, Hamas hugging museum of economic folly called Jeremy corbyn got into Downing Srtreet.



Freezing Fuel Duty

Because the Conservative Party is in touch with the electorate it is aware how many find it hard to make ends meet especially if fuels bills keep increasing creating fuel poverty. That is why this Conservative government is freezing fuel duty for the ninth year in a row.

Fighting Injustices

The Conservative Party has a proud record of fighting injustice. The Conservative Party banned slavery, regulated factory hours, gave people clean running water, brought in the first national living wage, brought in full suffrage, ended laws against religous minorities, gave same sex couples the right to marry. and much, much more. The Conservative Party continues to fight injustice to today. Hence civil partnerships are being extended to same sex couples.


Allowing more people to own their own home.

We cannot make the case for capitalism if ordinary working people have no chance of owning capital. To put the dream of home ownership back within their reach, this Conservative government scrapped stamp duty for most first-time buyers – and over 120,000 households have already benefited. They’ve helped half a million people onto the housing ladder through other schemes like Help to Buy. This week the Conservative Party has announced that they will charge a higher rate of stamp duty on those buying homes who do not live and pay taxes in the UK, to help level the playing field for British buyers. The money raised will go towards tackling the scourge of rough sleeping.


New Cancer Strategy

Today the Prime Minister announced that a new Cancer Strategy, funded through the 70th birthday investment, will form a central part of the governemnt’s long-term plan for the NHS. The key to boosting your chance of surviving cancer is early diagnosis. Five-year survival rates for bowel cancer are over 90 per cent if caught early, but less than 10% if diagnosed late. Through their Cancer Strategy, they will increase the early detection rate from one-in-two today, to-three-in four by 2028. The government will do it by lowering the age at which they screen for bowel cancer from 60 to 50. By investing in the very latest scanners. And by building more Rapid Diagnostic Centres – one stop-shops that help people get treatment quicker. This will be a step-change in how cancer is diagnosed. It will mean that by 2028, 55,000 more people will be alive five years after their diagnosis compared to today. Every life saved means precious extra years with friends and family. Every life saved means a parent, a partner, a child, a god mother spared the pain of losing a loved one before their time. Our NHS saves countless lives every day.


A Fair Immigration System


While being in the EU we are having to have an immigration system that is unfair due to priority being based on where a person comes from instead of the skills they possess. After we have left the EU, this Conservative government shall introduce an immigration system that is fair. This will mean that people with the skills we need to continue economic growth for the benifit of all who live here will have priority. We shall have a meritocratic immigration system instead of the racist immigration system we have at present.

Support for the 2030 World Cup Bid

42960362_10156370034144279_7756519110451658752_n Since the triggering of Article 50, the EU have tried to insist that the border between Britian and Ireland should be closed or that their should be a closed border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. By announcing her and this government’ssupport for a joint-bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup from the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Prime Minister has clearly let it be known that the border staying open is a red line which can not and will not be crossed.


For more oppertunity and prosperity for all,

Vote Conservative

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