Caroline Page’s Electioneering

Next year is the District council elections and the Woodbridge Town council elections and the county councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has started the election campaign with earnest. The non-issue she is using is admitedly more interesting than the non-issue of swallows. One of the things she has been doing is asking questions at Woodbridge Town Council meetings concerning the auditing of accounts. This has lead to a town clerk having to do over a hundred hours overtime to obtain the relevant answers to her politiacally motivated questions. She asked a couple of questions at Woodbridge Town council this week and afterwards launched umbrage on social media. On Facebook came this rant.

Despite a second consecutive appallingly rude reception at Woodbridge Town Council tonight (spoiled brats have got into the habit of treating their most senior elected council representative in the area as a punching bag: “I don’t know how you put up with it” as the visiting govt representative who witnessed Cllr Holdcroft’s behaviour puts it) I carry on representing the people of Woodbridge. Just as well. I’m the ONLY councillor in Suffolk Coastal who holds a monthly surgery. Nine consecutive years and counting. (Short this month – for the first time ever – because I’m attending the People’s March).
Should I put up with such behaviour, folks?

Spoilt brats? Well, in light of the fact that finding the answers to such questions can cost a lot of time and sometimes money also, I think it is in fact the county councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge that is acting like a spoilt brat. As three of the people on the audit committee are Lib Dems and one of them is her husband, why doesn’t she ask them instead of using up Town council time? Well, there is a simple answer to that. It is to put it across that Conservative councillors are doing a bad job. The fact that three Lib Dems are on the audit committee is kept quiet about because duplicity is something the Lib Dems excel at.

into the habit of treating their most senior elected council representative in the area as a punching bag? Well, on social media, it seems that Caroline Page is in fact using them as a punching bag. The fact that she is a county councillor is irrelevant. She is not a town councillor and is therefore a mere member of the public when asking questions. If a Woodbridge Town councillor asked a question at Endeavour House, the County council would treat them merely as a member of the public also. Why does she think she should have some sort of preferential treatment? She was elected to serve not be served. The questions were answered but she still wanted to make party political points after the time had run out.

She is the only councillor in Suffolk Coastal who holds a monthly surgery? How can she make that claim? Has she been a busybody finding out how every other councillor in the district serve their residents? I also, find it hillarious that she talks about holding a surgery every month and then says she won’t be this month because she’s going on the most vocal minority’s people’s march. I mean, clearly keeping Britian chained to that undemocratic, poverty creating, enterprise stiffling racket based in Brussels is more important to her than the concerns of the people of Woodbridge.

After accusing Woodbridge Town council of using her as a punch bag, she then wrote a post where she used Woodbridge’s most senior elected representative as a punch bag.

She said this.

I see he calls criticism “faux outrage.” Amazingly this is the *exact wording* our very own MP Therese Coffee once used on twitter against me, when she tried to explain the absence of every single Suffolk MP from the first ever parliamentary debate on Epilepsy. Maybe they teach the phrase to Tory MPs fir defending the indefensible?

This is classic Lib Dem snide vicousness under a veneer of being nice. Ironically she is displaying faux outrage against Therese Coffey here. She understands that there are a lot of other meetings taking place all the time in Westminster and there is also the concerns of constituents but because an MP didn’t attend a meeting that Caroline Page was interested in, she decided to display some faux outrage and is now displaying some faux outrage for having her faux outrage exposed. But the main driver of the faux outrage is in fact party political point scoring. Woodbridge needs a county councillor who is more interested in addressing the concerns of local residents than the interests of their party.

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