Suffolk Housing Strategies

There are reactions to Suffolk Coastal’s Local Plan around the district a notable one being the Save Our villages campaign over what is being called the Kirton and Trimley Land Grab. As my Dad was a Treacle Miner (As Trimley people are called) I have considerable sympathy. But for the Port of Felixstowe to continue to thrive there is a need for a logistics centre so rather than it being just for commercial gain it is a necessity to keep Felixstowe prosperous and not a run down, poverty stricken place like Great Yarmouth. There is also a plan to build more houses, but are they necessary there?

Here concerning the local Plan they say this

The single largest problem is the sheer size of the Local Plan. The Plan, together with it’s supporting documentation, runs to thousands of pages and tens of thousands of words tables and diagrams. As things stand, there is absolutely no possibility those charged with making decisions can possibly assimilate this information and reach intellectually-valid conclusions for the District. Given a great deal of time, it is possible to look at an individual topic such as Innocence Farm. However, doing so involves wading through a great deal of pseudo-science and psycho-babble, supposedly justifying unsupported and intellectually-flawed conclusions.

The other area of Suffolk Coastal where more houses are going to be built is Saxmundham. Saxmundham is a sensible place to build them because Sax has good infrastructure compared to many other places in Suffolk. Woodbridge has better infrastructure but it appears that Woodbridge is being set aside for gentrification.

The gentrification of Woodbridge is something many Woodbridge people are in dispair about. It really isn’t fair that people who have lived here for generations are being forced out by rising property prices. Yes, the people moving in may have money but for a community to thrive there has to be a balenced mix, The gentrification is caused by a shortage of affordable housing.

Some may say that the two thousand extra homes being built on Adastral Park in Martlesham Heath that will create permanant gridlock around there would help, but unfortunately those new houses in Martlesham Heath are being built for Ipswich people who are leaving the run down ruinous mess that Ipswich Labour are masterfully creating.. Where as with Woodbridge people who have lived there for generations can’t afford to live there, with Ipswich people who have lived there for genrerations don’t want to live there.

Ipswich Labour only want Ipswich to have low price housing so nobody with money lives there, so the town doesn’t get any investment from people and continues to turn into a run down ruinous mess. The callous policy of creating poverty in Ipswich is to increase their vote bank by claiming to be on the side of the people whose aspirations have been crushed by their policy of economic decline.

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