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The East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance are all looking forward to tommorrow when they all head down to London to be with all the other smug, bigoted, bourgeios, elitist, hate filled, oppinionated losers. They are saying that at least a hundred thousand of the most vocal minority are are going from all over the country. The majority of them coming from such far flung places as Hammersmith, Walthamstow and Hackney. The East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance have their big day out miticulously planned with sandwiches packed, stupid blue paint and silly badges ready and an arranged meeting time at the Hilton.

Preparation has been in earnest with meetings at the Woodbridge Cherry Tree and at Seckford Hall along with exchanging scary stories to each other on social media about us resorting to eating rats, the nitrogen cycle ceasing to work and the death of industry after Brexit.

One of their favourite sites on Facebook is Scientists for EU. Out of any Staylinist page it has the most followers most of the followers being what they would consider ignorant, stupid, filthy, disgraceful persons like me, who follow it because it’s such a laugh. The nearer that glorious day gets’s the more outlandish the doomsday stories. The way it’s going they’ll be talking about a nuclear holocaust before Christmas, so how will they survive until March? Scientists for EU is a misleading title because they’re not scientists. They are merely the sort of people who believe that their poxy arts degree makes them an expert at everything and as always with their type, they are intellectually insepid. But as it’s like an old Hammer House of Horrors Film, I highly recomend the page to my fellow Brexiteers for a facinatingly hillarious study in Brexit Anxiety Disorder and Brexit Derangement Syndrome. They like the number of followers going up. They have no idea people are following them for a laugh, because the bubble they live in makes them think that only half a dozen people support Brexit.

An example of how deranged Staylinists are can be observed by the fact that they actually believe that tommorrow’s march will bring about a vote designed to give them the result they want and stop Brexit. The most vocal minority actually believe they have that much power. The poor deluded souls.

Another thing that is amusing about tommorow’s most vocal minority peoples vote march are some of the speakers. One speaker is the evil Gina Miller. What is amusing about this is the fact that, Gina Miller funded by the rich elite went to court to ensure that Parliament was sovereign and should have the final say on the deal on Brexit. The court upheld that and decreed that indeed parliament must have the final say. So Gina Miller’s action has made the posibility of another referendum or what ever Orwellian name the Staylinists want to call it, nonexistant. But the Staylinists are clearly to thick to realise that Gina Miller’s actions blew the gig for them forever. How can she support something she has made impossible?

Another ‘expert’ speaking at tommorrow’s Staylinist rally (Just when you thought you couldn’t hate her anymore) is Delia Smith. She’s going to give out the recipe for Brexit fudge and they’re all going to laugh and cheer and convince themslelves that there is no greater argument for or against Brexit outside their immensely thick bubble of magnitudinous viscousity because nobody understands the EU, economics, trade, immigration, international diplomacy, national security and everything else more than a third rate TV cook who owns a crap football team. If what boiling water looks like is something of imense complexity to her, then wow!
After tommorrow the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance are having their street stall in Saxmundham on the 27th. Naturally they are having it outside Waitrose because Tesco is used by people who the Tupence ha’penny Toff Staylinists believe to be lower than them.

Update: The Staylinists are in further angst on the eve of their march because they’ve worked out that the quiet majority don’t care about their march and their constant whinging.

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3 Responses to Suffolk Remainiac News

  1. Justin Power says:

    “East Anglia’s Premier Political Blog”? My arse. Puerile.

  2. Patricia Freeman says:

    So the Arch Remainiac Vince Cable thinks Strictly would be at risk of Brexit. What utter nonsense! His argument is that EU citizens would not be able to come on the show and dance. The whole point of the UK being sovereign over its immigration policy is that the UK decides who can come here. Is he REALLY suggesting that EU citizens would be PREVENTED from leaving EU countries?

    Despite what Brexit-supporters think of the EU, I don’t think it is like either like North Korea or East Germany where citizens were not permitted to leave the territory. Or is Juncker going to put up border controls at Calais and physically STOP people from crossing the English Channel to get to England !

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