Suffolk Remoaner News


We have decided to change the format of Suffolk Remainiac News somewhat hence it is now called Suffolk Remoaner News because many former Remainiacs are now Brexiteers and the posts will now have a more appropriate header picture that is more representative of the fanatics of Remoaner, Staylinist cult that these posts are about.

The Suffolk Staylinists are very smug at the moment due to having their hissy fit in London. If a pro Brexit march took place they would talk about how less people showed up. This is because, as we have the larger army, we do not feel the need to amass all our troops in the same place.

The Suffolk contingent of the Staylinist march was lead by the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance Chairman, Jules EUwort. The Suffolk EU Alliance, or SEUA, pronounced as the network of smelly pipes excetra full of excrement and noxious gas, as they call themselves, met each other on the train as it picked them up from Lowestoft, Halesworth, Saxmundham, Melton and Woodbridge. A couple more joined them at Ipswich station from elsewhere in Suffolk.

We have been informed that they particularly enjoyed the speeches from Tony Robinson, David Lammy and that most odious of Lib Dems, Anna Sourbry.

Sewer SEUA are having a street stall in Saxmundham, on the 27th and at 2:00 there is a meeting with Jason Hunter having a discussion primarily of doom and gloom for the country and the county. Tea and coffee will be provided. Alternatively if you are in Sax that day, you can have a drink and something to eat in the Queens Head and then have a relaxing game of Pool with light conversation.

They are also making preparations for their last Christmas meal. Their last, because according to them, this will be the last Christmas when food is available in this country.

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