Homelessness in Ipswich

To tackle the scourge of rough sleeping, Ipswich Borough Council is being given £980,000 by the Conservative government. this will help imensely but it may not be enough due to other local authorities using Ipswich as a dumping ground for their homeless people.

A while ago I said here that I had been informed that other local authorities were wsending homeless people to Ipswich and that if I had exact inteligence I would expose those authorities whatever party was in control there. Then after recieve exact inteligence here, I exposed Norwich city council and kicked up a stink in other ways. Now I have exact inteligence that Colchester Borough Council also follow the morally repugnant policy.

The disgraceful practice of local authorities sending people who are already vulnerable due to being homeless to places they don’t know is causing a lot of problems in Ipswich. It has lead to  a situation of tents appearing in various places around the town. One of the many tents around Ipswich cought fire today so the fire service had to put it out.

From what we gather, it would appear that instead of challenging those council’s responsible to get this practice stoped, Ipswich’s lousy Labour council’s policy seems to be that of blaming the government, austerity etc.  In light of this, I’ll expose them on this blog.

Neighbouring authorities are sending homeless people to Ipswich but as they are rural authorities, they do not have the resources to tackle the problem and it is right that Ipswich, as the county town, helps the rest of Suffolk.

Local authorites I know are sending homeless people to Ipswich via exact inteligence are

Norwich (Labour)

Colchester (Lab/LD/Green coalition)

There are other local authorities I have heard are sending homeless to Ipswich but I havn’t obtained any exact inteligence on them yet. When I do I shall expose them here and through the local press. So if you are an elected member or officer of a local authority who is doing this, stop doing it because I’m coming after you.



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2 Responses to Homelessness in Ipswich

  1. pauld131069 says:

    I am involved with coordinating one of the teams for Ipswich soup kitchen and have also been involved with night shelter and i know people are sent from felixstowe and lowestoft both I believe part of Tory run authorities so no political points scoring to win here!!

    • Kevin Algar says:

      Felixstowe is in a nieghbouring authority and I stated that I am not against that in the post. Lowestoft on the other hand is quite a distance and Norwich would be more suitable but then Norwich send them to Ipswich. furthermore Waveney and Suffolk Coastal are amalgamating into East Suffolk District Council.and you may have pinpointed a possible problem caused by the merger.. I’ve heard that places further away than Norwich are doing it but havvven’t got any exact inteligence..Some of these authorities are Conservative. If you have any exact inteligence, can you Email the information to me so I can verify it and take action please?

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