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There is a new Lib Dem leadership tradition. That is, telling people to prepare for things that are not going to happen. As Paddy Trousersdown told The Lib Dem members to go to their constituencies and prepare for government, Vince Cable has told EUSSR negotiator, Barnier to prepare for a second referendum. Vince siad this in a meeting with Barnier along with other whinging, dummy spitting, democracy hating losers like that Krankie woman and Caroline Locus.

In Suffolk,the county councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page has had a rant on Facebook about some ‘drunk Suffolk people’


Suffolk Lib Dems in London last week

telling her to fuck off on the train back to Woodbridge from tlast weeks Staylinist hissyfit because she was wearing a stupid EUSSR flag hat. From the rant we can’t ascertain if she’s attacking Brexiteers or Suffolk people. Naturally I think that the ‘drunk Suffolk people’ were out of order.


Meanwhile, Suffolk EU Aliance East Suffolk Lib Dem chair Jules Ewart lead the Staylinist uprisng from the front and today the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance have had a stall in Saxmundham where fellow Remainiacs put pins on the Brexitometer while Brexiters either ignore them or tell them what a bunch of anti democratic, illiberal snobs they are. After they had their stall they then had a meeting where Jason Hunter  was speaking.  Where he repeated the lies that the Leave campaign overspent and diliberately mislead people. Then amazingly he said pointless-graph1something that was true. (Well sort of true) He said that Remain didn’t really campaign because they thought it was a done deal. He then proceeded to belittle this country saying that we can’t compete with the mighty French. He then spun the scare story that planes won’t be able to land and ships won’t be able to dock. After this as he slowly droned on, the members of the most vocal minority all slowly fell asleep.

Before Jason hunter spoke, Jules EUwort spoke and what she said was very interesting. She explained how the network designed to usurp democracy works.  She explained that the network is primarily lead by the Lib Dems with the Green Party who are part of Stronger In  People’s Vote. (After the referendum Stronger In didn’t disband like they were supposed to do but rebranded themselves. The Yellow Peril like cheating.) Of course as Stronger In People’s Vote is lead by Lib Dems who are people who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery they forgot to delete older tweets befor the name change

The way Jules explained how it is working to usurp democracy was very informative and I’m very pleased I heard it.’

It is very interesting how the Lib Dems and the Greens are working together. For instance the Greens didn’t put up a candidate in Bosmere to help the Lib Dems and naturally the Lib Dems will do nothing in return. The Lib Dems were most busy telling Green voters to vote for them. As always the Lib Dem s lied in their leaflets. Then last week instead of campaigning  in Bosmere, the Lib Dems went to London to campaign against democracy. While the rag tag Lib Dem army was in London, it gave the Conservatives the opertunity to roll their tanks in and we did.

Meanwhile The Saint Margerets Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems have booked a room for this years AGM. The meeting is going to last half an hour where it will be agreed that Kathy ‘if the UK votes to leave I’m moving to France’ French will run everything. This will leave twentyfive minutes to talk about the one thing the yellow peril care about. Namely, the EUSSR.

Also this week we have found out that the battle to usurp democracy is not going well with Staylinist Lib Dem Commander Clegg  fleeing the battle field in a most cowardly fashion to work in th  US for Facebook.

Also, we have been informed that there exists a list of people the Lib Dems consider dangerous to their survival as a duplicitous, lying illiberal anti democracy party and I am proud to say that I’m on it. We have been informed that they have a particular disliking to this blog especially when it points out that the Lib Dems lie in their leaflets. They lied so much in a leaflet they delivered in Somersham a while ago that they were made to retract it by the electoral commision. As I siad before, the Lib Dems like to cheat.



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  1. deepngreen says:

    You do sound a bit bitter this week if you don’t mind me saying? Anyway, it wasn’t Paddy Pantsdown, it was David Steel!

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