Response to latest post on the dRoss Blog

There hasn’t been much activity on the dRoss Blog of late but last week Alasdair wrote a post bewailing the fact that the nasty party he is a member of is trailing in the polls. It can be read here.  He claims that the Conservative Party seems to be in self distruct mode and still keeps increasing it’s lead over the Labour Party. The author of the dRoss Blog sayus that a new leader is not the answer to the nasty party’s problems becuase it would be someone appointed by Jeremy of Islington. He then claims that Brexit is a problem with the Labour Party being against the democratic will of the people while people who would vote for the anti semetic, ideologically deranged cult are in favour of Britian being a free, independent, sovereign, democratically governed nation again. The problem with that is that Labour are putting themselves across as odious as the Lib Dems. Obviously Labour aren’t as odious as the Lib Dems but Labour are still the nasty party.

Alasdair then goes on to say that it was wrong for the leader of the cult which was once a party a lot of people would consider putting in government to go to Switzaland on the day of the Staylinist march through London.  Then he moans about Corbyn’s henchtrots attacking those on the march in London lead by George Galloway.

He says,

Hypocrisy, seems to be the key word when talking about Corbyn and his followers, they attacked the marchers because they were white middle class – I suggest they take a closer look at the majority of our new Labour Party members – white middle class.

They just do not seem to get it, many are new to the party but when you look at many of those close to Corbyn and in lead roles with Momentum, you see the same people who have been hanging round the far left fringes of the Labour Party for years.

But the Labour Party is a middle class party. No working class person in their right mind would vote for them.  For some time the Labour Party has represented an affluent, elitist section of the middle class. As the Labour Party isn’t as odious as the Liberal Democrat Party, Instead of letting it be known how much they look down on the working class by contemptously saying that they don’t understand anything are are ignorant and stupid, the Labour Party merely patronises the working class  while holding the obnoxous belief that they have a devine right to their votes. But the truth is out. The working class know Labour do not represent them and more to the point couldn’t care less about them. They also know that the membership has lots of middle class snobs who pretend to be working class while being contemptious about the working class in it.

There is only one party who represents the working class in this country and only one party who is willing to stand up for the working class. That party is the Conservative Party. The people know it hence the Conservative Party keeps increasing its lead in the polls.


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