Recent History of the EU’s Contempt for Democracy

The British (through their Referendum) have VIOLATED THE RULES. It is not EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.

– Martin Shultz

Some time ago came the Maastrhct Treaty as part of bringing about evercloser political and economic union, creating the part of their long term federalist project. The then Prime Minister, John Major decided that the philosophy of the EU leading to zero suffrage was the better philosophy to follow than the philosophy of Disraeli which leads to full suffrage. He then therefore decided to sign away huge swathes of our soverieghnty without the consent of the British people. This caused the majority of people in Britian to be furious and helped Tony Blair win his landslide in 1997 and inflict much misery on this country. Concerning Maastricht, the British people will never forget what John Major did and he shall never be forgiven.

Some time later a referendum was expected to take place in the United Kingdom to decide whether the country should ratify the proposed Treaty establishing ‬a Constitution for Europe. But UK ministers under Gordon Brown’s premiership said that the changes only constituted a tidying up exercise, but others in Europe had no such illusions.‬ Hans Bury German Chancellor, said that the new EU Constitution was the “birth certificate” for a giant super state and a framework for ‬a Constitution for Europe. But following the rejection of the Constitution by similar referenda in France in May 2005 and the Netherlands in June 2005, the UK vote was postponed indefinitely. The EU elite in this country were most concerned that superior people like the French and the Dutch had broken the rules by voting against a major plank in the furthering of their nasty project.

‪However they got around this interferance by democracy by having the constitution superseded by the Treaty of Lisbon, which the UK Parliament ratified without holding a referendum. This allowed the pro EU elite to relax obliviously unaware of how livid the majority of us were. How Orwellian of them. The ministry of truth is the ministry of properganda and the Lisbon Treaty is the EU constitution. By changing the word ‘Constitution’ with the word ‘Treaty’ they could claim that they no longer needed a referendum. They thought this most convenient. Meanwhile, the majority of British people were furious unbeknown to the pro EU elite living in their bubble.

A while after this David Cameron became Prime minister after saying in his campaign that the problem with the EU is that it is undemocratic. A blatent fact that we all knew. Because of the Eurofed Lib Dems we had to go along with the EU for five years. During this time the EU replaced democratically elected governments in Greece and Italy with Vichy style governments, further informing us of their absolute contempt for democracy. By this a lot of us weren’t just furious, we were very alarmed by it.

Then David Cameron promised us a referendum. After the track record of his predercessors, many people were sceptical about Camerons’s pledge but he won a majority and after negotiating with the EU offered us a new deal which did not address the democracy deficit. He then gave us a referendum. After forty years of the EU doing what it liked without our consent and the British people basically being told to take it on the chin with a good old fashioned stiff upper lip, the elite unleashed project fear on the people expecting the people to scuttle behind the sofa. But the British people remembered who they are. They remembered that they are lions and not pussy cats and said “Not bloody likely!”
The result much to the shock of the EU elite was a vote to leave the Europeam Union.

After the initial shock that after forty years of being run roughshd over, the British people had put the boot in, people in Brussels asked the British governement “Why don’t you just ignore the result and carry on as if nothing’s happened?” Suddenly understanding the British people, the British government informed them that as we’ve beheaded a king for less, it was imposible to just ignore it. Then Theresa May triggered Article 50 much to the horror of the ideologically deranged children in Brussels and their elitist supporters here.

After this the pro EU elite in disarray at their loss of control of everything, started thinking up plans to usurp democracy with court cases and the like but all failed. Then they thought about how if Ireland votes against something in a referendum the EU makes them vote over and over again until they get the result the elite want. Hence the idea of another referendum was bandied about. The majority of British people who had already struck a blow for democracy understood what was going on so they had to be clever about it and started talking of a people’s vote . As the ministry of love is the ministry of hate the peoples vote is the will of the elite, most vocal minority.

At the time of writing there is only 150 days until Brexit. The time is to short for any amount of insidious conjoulery to work. Democracy is being restored and not only are we taking our country back from the undemocratic EU, we are taking our country back from the democracy hating, pro EU elite. We voted Leave to take control and we are taking control in every way.

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