Conservatives In Touch

IMG_4532Special Budget Edition

Helping People Keep Their money

45175813_10156440055239279_1593861006335934464_nThe Conservatives are helping people keep more of what they earn by:

➡️ Raising the personal allowance to £12,500.
➡️ Saving a typical basic rate taxpayer £1,205 a year compared to 2010.
➡️ Keeping our promise on income tax one year early.

Freezing Fuel Duty

aaaaaWe’re freezing fuel duty for the 9th year in a row 🚗

➡️ Helping people with the cost of running their car.
➡️ Saving the average driver over £1000 in total since 2010.We’re helping people keep more of what they earn.

Raising the National Living Wage

aaaaWe’re increasing the National Living Wage 👷‍♀️👨‍🍳

➡️ A £690 annual pay rise for a full-time worker.
➡️ A total annual pay rise of £2,750 since its introduction.

Encouraging Home Ownership

9We’re helping more people get on the housing ladder 🏘

➡️ £500 million more for infrastructure to unlock thousands of new homes.
➡️ Support for 110,000 first-time buyers in England.
➡️ Abolishing the cap on local authorities borrowing for house building.

Helping the High Street

aaaaaaaaaaaaWe’re backing high streets by cutting business rates 🏷

➡️ Rates cut by a third for two years.
➡️ Helping 90% of all shops.
➡️ Saving shopkeepers up to £8,000 each year.

For more oppertunity and prosperity for all,

Vote Conservative.

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