Jaywick Smeared


Jaywick Essex

Residents of the Essex village of Jaywick are fed up of their community used for political purposes and are outraged by the latest example of it. A Republican candidate in the US has used a picture of what Jaywick ended up looking like under the last Labour government. Since the Conservatives have been in government Tendring District Council and Essex County Council have spent six and a half million pound on surfacing and street drainage.

Paul Honeywood, Tendring District Council Cabinet Member with special responsibility for Jaywick, said it was appalling to use the old image for political gain and said the village was on the up.

He said: “I know that many Jaywick Sands residents will be outraged at being smeared in this way, and rightly so.”

More here.

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1 Response to Jaywick Smeared

  1. pauld131069 says:

    I have been to jaywick a number of times in recent years and see very little improvement. perhaps a bit of road surfacing but that’s about it so if you call that Tory progress then this country really is in trouble

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