The Deafening Silence of Caroline Page

The votes are in for this years Great British High Street awards with Woodbridge being in the top twelve high streets in England and  the sole representative of  East Anglia. Naturally it was mentioned on this blog here. It was also mentioned in the East Anglian Daily Times, the Morning Ipswich Star and on BBC Look Norwich. Throughout the campaign Choose Woodbridge  has been pushing really hard to win the prize. Meanwhile, the County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page has said absolutely nothing. Her silence has been deafening. Her last blog post had her expressing her pride at being voted one of the top 100 inspirational Women in Suffolk. But  when it comes to the Great British High Street Awards, her actions have been far from inspirational. As a matter of fact, her actions have been non existant.

It is completely baffling how the most senior elected council representative in the area as she calls herself, has responded with such a deafening silence. Is it because the Conservative controlled Woodbridge Town Council have been instrumental in the preservation and progress of Woodbridge’s retail district? Or did Caroline think that there was no political traction to be gained through it?

When the Cheesewedge development first came about, the noise that Caroline Page made was utterly deafening and she even made some good points. But was this merely to gain political traction by blaming the Suffolk Coastal District Tories? As she didn’t even attend the planning committee meeting where the application for the monstrosity was passed, where Conservative District Councillor for Woodbridge and Woodbridge Town Councillor, Patti Mulcahy raised concerns over the loss of two heritage buildings on the site, we are left with such a conclusion. Why didn’t she represent the people of Woodbtridge by putting in a concise rejection on their behalf to the people who made the discision after making so much noise?

Now concerning the Great British High Street Awards, Caroline Page has made no noise at all. Her silence has been noticed. Why didn’t she speak out saying why Woodbridge is worthy of the award? Why wasn’t she encouraging people to vote for the town she represents? When a town is competing for something of such great prestige as being voted the best high street in the country, surely the county councillor of the town, would get behind it.

It appears that concerning things that affect Woodbridge from the county Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, either we get lots of noise without any action or we get complete indifferance.

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