Alexander’s not Great

Ipswich’s non entity of an MP, Sandy Martin claims that another £15 billion into the economy, with £11 billion increase in spending and £4 billion cut in taxes is the continuation of austerity. Same old Labour! There’s never enough money being spent with them so they spend, borrow hike up taxes, spend borrow, hile up taxes until it hits the fan and the Conservatives have to clear up the mess.

He then blames the government for Ipswich town centre being a run down ruinous mess. Well he’s not going to blame his comrades ruining the borough is he? While Woodbridge up the road from Ipswich is rated as one of the top twelve high streets in England due to the commitment of the Conservative controlled town council and Conservative controlled district council.  Labour controlled Ipswich is a run down ruinous mess so that the county town the rest of Suffolk was once proud of is now an utter embarassment. The government is cutting business rates by a third for small shops.
This will help local businesses prosper in our town centre’s but Ipswich Labour have a policy of economic decline to make the place a run down ruinous mess and so do not want to encourage enterprise in Ipswich.

I believe Ipswich  will thrive in the end, but it would thrive a whole lot sooner if it had  an MP and a council that believed in our county town enough to encourage people to invest in it.

Alexander is not great.

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