The Stalinist Nature of Momentum.

Here is a very interesting blog post by a member of Southend Labour.  He says that Some time in late 2016 he joined Momentum. But then at the AGM of his constituency Labour Party he decided to throw his hat in the ring for the role of treasurer. This resulted in an online spat with the Momentum candidate who called him ‘duplicitous’ and chose to argue with him whilst he was in hospital recovering from a very serious bowel operation. We knew thatt he people now in control of the Labour party were extremely unpleasant  people before this, so it’s not a surprise. Wht happened next though is even more revealing. Some time later he was tipped off by another Momentum member that he had been removed from the closed Facebook group, and had been banned from the group (and no longer invited to their meetings). No notice of this was given, no explanation, no chance to appeal. So there we have it. He had upset someone at the top and so the out he went. He contacted the national Momentum organisation, and although an investigation was promised there wasn’t one.

Earlier this year he tried again to be admitted, not because of any burning desire to actually go to their meetings, but he felt that he had been treated shoddily and wanted some measure of natural justice. Here is the response he got from Southend Momentum.

Thank you for your request  of 22 August 2018 to be invited to Southend & District Momentum Meetings. I am sorry for the delay in responding to your request but I had to ratify the decision for this request with Southend Momentum Officers and Members, and we did not meet until 3 October.
At the last meeting of members, it was confirmed that Officers and Members of Southend & District Momentum do not agree that you fulfil the requirements set out in the constitution of the local Southend Momentum Group, that members have signed up to. This message is also to inform you that Labour Party members may belong to the national Peoples momentum  but may not necessarily be accepted into membership of the local organisation.

I attach a copy of the constitution for your information.

Why does he not fulfil the requirements? Is he not ideologically deranged enough? Or was it that he didn’t know his place? A copy of th eSouthend Constitution is provided and it is very interesting.

The Southend-on-Sea & District Momentum Group (the Group)
Aims of the group
  • To work towards the success of the Labour Party at all levels.
  • To promote the programme and policies of Momentum nationally.

So one of the aims is to make their outragous policies the policies of the Labour Party. But the next aim explains the resal purpose of Momentum

  • In furtherance of the above: To secure the election of supporters of the programme of our group as officers of the Labour Party, locally, regionally and nationally. the group will agree a slate to avoid duplication of nominations. Additionally the group may consider accepting party nominations for appropriate external roles .

In other words an aim of Momentum is to take complete control of the Labour Party. This aim has been achieved. The Labour Party is now under the control of middle class, Marxist lunatics.

There is also a section on membership.

  • to be Eligible to apply to join the group, a candidate must be a member of the Labour Party and the national Momentum. The group Treasurer and Secretary, will then consider any such applications, and their recommendations shall be referred to the next officers meeting for the confirmation (or otherwise). The annual Renewal of membership is contingent upon current membership of both Momentum nationally and The Labour Party.

So there you have it. Only the treasurer and secretary which operate as the Politburo General secretary and the deputy Politburo General Secretary can decide who meets the criteria.



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