Ipswich Labour at War Again

Ipswich Labour are at war much to the benifit of Ipswich. A number of Labour councillors avoided attending the North East Area Committee over the fall out so only three were present. They were the author of the dRoss Blog who says he’s happy to lose next time he’s up because he’s likely to be deselected because he hates Jeremy Corbyn and being ex millitary he should hate the terrorist sympathising, threat to national security. There was also  Shelly Darwin who is a Corbynite  and Sandra Gage who has been austrcised from the rest of the Suffolk Labour group so she sits on her own rather than with the rest of them. This is after they replaced her as leader with Sarah Adams who is a lot less effective as leader of the opposition at the County Council and never attends the North East Area Committee.

At the Last North East Area committee, due to their numbers being low, Ipswich Labour lost a couple of votes. There was a proposal by councillor Carnall that councillors have accounts of those putting in bids. As only Three Labour councillors showed up, the four Conservative councillors had the majority and so it was passed. But that wasn’t the best part of it. The Borough Council asked the committee for money for Ransomes Sports Club. The Conservatives pointed out that the Borough council has an Sports and Leasure account that the money should come out of rather than it coming from the  Area Committee. It was a case of IBC asking IBC for money.  Because Labour councillors were absent due to not likeing each others company, the funding request was refused much to the fury of Madam chairman, Shelly Darwin and the Author of the dRoss Blog, Alasdair Ross. We understand that the Author of the dRoss Blog acted like a Remoaner insisting there shoud be another vote on it because it didn’t go the way he wanted it to. But democracy has been done.


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