Suffolk Coastal Air Quality Reports

Generally the air quality within Suffolk Coastal is good. There are  two small localised areas where the objective
set for annual mean nitrogen dioxide have been exceeded  in the past and Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) are currently declared;
Several houses on the road junction of Lime Kiln Quay Road, Thoroughfare and St.
John’s Street in Woodbridge (Woodbridge Junction) and  four residential properties within Long Row, Main Road (A12) in Stratford St Andrew.
Woodbridge AQMA
The current Action Plan includes 20 measures to reduce nitrogen dioxide concentrations
from both queueing and moving trafficat this junction. Studies looking at the layout of the junction and the local weather, in particular the windspeed and direction, indicate that emissions from the junctionare being ‘funnelled’ along Melton Hill away from the junction, and dispersed very slowly within the canyoned area of the AQMA
In light of these findings, many of the options in the original Action Plan
are unlikely to have any significant impact on nitrogen dioxide levels. The Action Plan is therefore being updated and a first draft is with Defra for approval. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations within the AQMA have reduced since 2014 to  below the objective level.
Stratford Saint Andrew AQMA
The Action Plan received Defra approvalin March 2018 and consists of 2 short term, priority action measures and 6 longer term aspirational measures. The main priority

measure is for the County Council to move the 30/50 mph change of speed limit sign further south out of the village which was undertaken in December 2017. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations have fallen below the objective for the first time in 2017. Monitoring is being

undertaken to determine average vehicle speeds and nitrogen dioxide concentrations with the change in place. Results will be available and reported in the 2019 ASR.
Of course the solution to air polution in the Stratford Saint Andrew AQMA is given on a sign as you drive into Little Glemham.
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