A Survival Guide for the ‘Cultural Elite’

Worth Arguing For .. it really is.

They call us the ‘cultural elite’ and accuse us of being out of touch and living in a bubble. We are the novelists, the arts advisors, the journalists and university professors. We work to ceaselessly to transform the culture of this benighted country and we feel threatened by the backlash against us.

We are the educated, the better informed and the socially aware. We believe in the truth of our facts. We must not let the populists and rabble rousers get us down.

Here is a guide for you to maintain your mental wellbeing during this challenging period:

1. Embrace Europe

eu painted face

Now is the time to ­­embrace everything European. You do not feel ‘British’ any more. Although you may have no knowledge of politics in any other country, you don’t read any foreign newspapers, you are not a member of any Europe-wide organisation and you were never very good at…

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