Focus on UKIP

Fruit-CakeGerrard Batton the fruitloop leader of the fruitcake party has appointed attention seeking, bigoted, fascist cockwomble, Tommy Robinson as Grooming Gangs Advisor. The Daily Mail reports on it here. There has been a big fall out amongst members of UKIP over this with some wanting the facist to be able to join the party and others against it. There has been an atempt at changing the rules because as former leader of the EDL, Yaxley Lennon alias Tommy Robinson is a former member of a proscribed organisation. Organisation that UKIP have proscribed are theEDL, the BNP and those darlings of Hope not Hate. They have been unsuccessful in changing the rules to allow the facsist to join But even so, lot’s of Kippers are talking about ditching the party over this batshit crazy appointment.

holiday-fruitcake-horiz-a-1600The fruitcake party is now courting the support of football hooligans who want something to do in the summer.

Some Kippers support the appointment because they believe it makes the clowns relevant again after the party was gloriously destroyed by the Conservative Party, but the reality is this appointment has made the fruitcakes more irrelevant.

A former leader whose name a lot of people can’t remember now, I think it’s something like Ned Ferrenghi, is most annoyed by this latest development within the party that has everyday-fruitcake-h2always been a complete joke. He is calling for a vote of no confidence in the Fruitloop leader, Gerard Batton. Obviously he has more time to worry about the party he once lead now he has wrangled around negotiating with the money wasting scoundrals in Brussels about keeping his EU pension. This confirms that he has always been a fraud and has always been in it for the money. Ferrenghi do everything for money. Ned Ferrenghi says that Batton is leading UKIP in a shameful direction. More here. Knowing what UKIP are like in Suffolk, I don’t think th eparty ever had any particular direction in the first place.

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