In Defence of Theresa May

During the referendum David Cameron was saying that Article 50 would be triggered the day after the vote and that he couldn’t resign. Like a lot of time during the referendum camapaign, he wasn’t telling the truth. So instead of triggering Article 50, he announced his resignation. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had sacked George Osborne first, but never mind. This meant that while the Conservative Party was having a leadership election, the totalitarian, selfserving facsists in Brussels could plan to screw us over.

After Theresa May became Prime Minister it became apparant that some gnats needed splatting. Or should that be Nats? What the government under Theresa May’s leadership was atempting to achieve was constantly being undermined by the actions and ramblings of the Krankie woman. As a result a general election was called. This gave the corrupt, imperialists in Brussels even more time to plan how to screw us over. The prime minister may have lost her majority and some good MP’s but the objective of giving the SNP  a bloody good hiding was acomplished.

Since the General Election she has atempted to play with a strieght bat while the EU has been constantly bowling bodyline. Eventually she has managed to get a deal that she thought the British people would be happy with. The fact that we are not happy with the deal is not due to Theresa May’s failure but due to people creating problems that had no need to be there.

As she said, no deal is better than a bad deal. Hence I want a no deal Brexit. The deal is the best she could get from those little Napolean’s in Brussels. The only one of them that talks any sense is Donald Tusk. but as he’s lived under the kind of thing the totalitarian egotists want to create, that’s not surprising.

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1 Response to In Defence of Theresa May

  1. Patricia Freeman says:

    Thanks to Gina Miller, the Government is legally obliged to follow through the natural result of the referendum in 2016. It was the opposite of what she’d hoped.
    The remoaners now are trying their hardest to reverse her vandalism of the British Parliament, and planning archaic tricks to force the government to act a certain way.
    Olly Robins has a lot to answer for – it is his incompetent negotiation skills which have led to the current problems, and Mrs May should have trusted Conservative colleagues rather than a remainiac civil servant.
    I call on all Conservative MPs to vote for the deal on the table, then after 29/3/19, we will have finally left the suffocation of the dictatorship of the EU and can start to pull up the chains from our ship and set out on our amazing journey of freedom and independence. And sack Olly Robins before he turns the future relationship discussions into a dog’s dinner.

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