Ellesmere Logic

In the last edition of Ellesmere Logic it was established that Ellesmere Logic stipulates that small independent businesses must be destroyed. By this logic Ipswich’s lousy Labour council have come up with an ingenious way of reducing the takings of small independent retailers based in Ipswich over the Christmas period. They have hired a company based in London to run a Christmas Market on the Corn Hill. Ellesmere Logic pointed to this ingenious idea to help turn Ipswich into a run down, ruinous, rat infested mess because it would clearly take trade away from the small independent businesses operating in the saints area of town. The logic behind this is that with the loss of trade over Christmas, local businesses may struggle to survive over the next year and by Ellesmere Logic, Ipswich Labour hope to see a few more boarded up shops in the town due to their ludicrous, damaging, insane policy of having a London company put a glorified car boot sale on the Corn Hill for the two weeks running up to Christmas. Labour detest free enterprise especially from people based in what they consider their little fiefdom that by Ellesmere Logic they are turning into their idea of a Socialist utopia which everybody else would call a dump.

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