Around Gipping Ward

Since he that was known as the King of Gipping has abdicated he has continued to recieve much case work while in exile. People have been contacting him about lots of things he no longer wants to deal with so we are going to talk about some of the issues he is being harrassed about.

Naturally people are still complaining about potoles. It is better that local residents reported them as Labour councillors are to lazy to report them and the majority of Conservatives aren’t particularly interested in Gipping. So it has to be down to local residents to act. You can report them and many other things here.

Another issue is the state of the pavement in Great Gipping Street. Gipping’s Labour councillors like it as it is because it makes Ipswich look like the run down ruinous mess they want to turn the whole town into. Many people visiting Ipswich to watch football, see the state of the area and so are given the kind of impression that Ipswich Labour want to be given about Ipswich. The use of County Councillors locality budgets could sort out this issue quickly but instead Labour would rather do nothing and blame the Tories. But they may be willing to do somthing useful if the matter was brought up by a member of the public at the South West Area Committee.

Another issue is the appearance of rats in the London Road Area due to bins being left on the pavement all the time and rubbish building up in gutters. As Ipswich Labour claim that the rat problem in Ipswich town centre is the responsibility of businesses, we wonder who they think is responsible in resedentual areas. At Borough Council meetings it has been established that the enforcement of the law which stipulates that bins should not be left permanantly on the pavement is something that Ipswich’s lousy Labour council doesn’t want to do. This is because bins on the pavement make the place look like a dump and if a place looks like a dump, people are more inclined to treat it like a dump. This makes it easier for Ipswich Labour to turn Ipswich into a run down ruinous mess so people are more inclined to vote for them. So the only solution to this problem is for the Conservatives to take control of Ipswich Borough Council.

Another issue is the reemergence of the Birkfield Brook. The spring is back. Their are warning signs on the side of the road. In the mean time Suffolk County Council and Anglian Water are arguing between themselves about whose responsibility it is. This isn’t as bad as it seems because at least the Environment Agency and Ipswich’s lousy Labour Council are not in the mix.

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