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On Thursday the Bollocks to Brexit Bus was in Ipswich for an hour. One of Suffolk’s many fantastic Brexiteers was there to observe events, hand out sick bags to passer by’s  and put his LP on the bus windscreen as can be seen above. We have been informed that the bus parked in the layby in Crown Street and Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem, Inga Lockington got out and sang some dirges.


Yes, Lib Dems all look that wierd

It seemed to be a private function. A layby surrounded by brutal 1960’s architecture makes a change from the illustrious suroundings of Seckford Hall I guess. Also, I guess it was the only place suitable in Saint Margeret’s Ward because the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems never venture outside Saint Margeret’s because it’s the only part of Ipswich where there’s enough people dozy enough to vote for them.

The crowd was basically the pEUple on the bus which was virtually the entire Lib Dem membership of Suffolk. Hence the crowd was very small. There were no crowds stopping by. Nobody was interested. In fact it was up to the  Brexiteer present to ask the occasional passer by what they thought of the roadside private function. People walking by were happy with the sick bags (Waitrose) that the Brexiteer  provided for them once they realised that he wasn’t a Staylinist. The traffic was very busy and a couple of people beeped when they saw the bus. One of the Staylinists, being the kind of person Staylinists tend to be, suggested that the Brexiteer present should be pushed into the traffic

The Staylinists just had a meeting, a sing song, .a photo session and a speaker to the converted who insisted that ” Project Fear must now be Project Hope”.There was a Morning Ipswich Star reporter there who said she would speak to the Brexiteer present once she had spoken to one of the pEUple. She never spoke to him though, she vanished to write an article claiming crowds were present instead of just the Suffok Lib Dems  EU Alliance.

The best thing that has been said about the non event has been by Ipswich Conservative Parliamentary candidate, Tom Hunt who said,

Just saw that yesterday a yellow bus with the slogan “B******* to Brexit” painted all over it paid a visit to Ipswich along with a number of activists calling for either a second referendum or for Brexit to be cancelled. Of course its a free country and they are free to express themselves in any way they wish, however I do think it takes a certain brass neck to visit a Town where almost 40,000 people voted to leave the EU with a bus covered with such a message. Perhaps more appropriate for them to cover the bus with the message, “B******* to the 58.3%” or “B******* to what you voted for”. Its hardly surprising that the activists interviewed by the Ipswich Star described the reaction as “mixed”. As it happens, I voted and campaigned for our country to leave the EU. However, my strong opposition to any notion of their being a second referendum isn’t about my desire for Britain to leave the EU, its about democracy. In Ipswich 58.3% of people voted to leave the EU and its vital that this is fully respected and that we leave the EU on 29 March. As the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Ipswich I want to make it crystal clear that not under any circumstances would I consider supporting a second referendum that included remain as an option. I think to do so would be to treat both the national verdict the local verdict in Ipswich with contempt. The question was asked in June 2016, we now need to get on and implement it. I very much hope that Sandy Martin the Labour MP for Ipswich is able to make a clear statement on the matter also and to put pressure on the Labour leadership who appear to be increasingly flirting with the idea of publicly supporting a second referendum to respect the referendum result and dismiss the idea of having a second referendum with a remain option

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