Christmas 2081

The year is 2081 and Yuletide was approaching.  The sons and daughters of Albion were looking forward to the celebration of the boiling of Brussels. For it was at this time of year we looked forward to the boiling of Brussels with relish and feasting with Turkey on the side. It was a great feast for we were in a time of increased prosperity and proud to be of the Mother of the free.

The technological advances over the past century have been immense and this realm is still a nation of engineering  brilliance. But unfortunately, due to a failed experiment we got involved in some time ago, a number of  people got cought up in a time vortex and ended up getting stuck in the summer of a certain year at the turn of this century. The syndrome that the experiment inflicted on them means that though they are here in the present their minds exist in another reality. They believe that the once prosperous wasteland beyond these shores is still prospering due to the dangerous experiment that we decided to no longer be involved in. As a matter of fact, recently a number of them assembled in a nearby town  that has also been the victim of another failed experiment of which I shall talk about later. They decided to have a type of USB (Universal Service Bus) which does not provide a universal service in a portal within the town. After this, they stood around expecting the reality they are stuck in to become the reality that is the present. Somehow they thought that the USB would act as a reality bomb. They thought that the reality bomb would destroy everything outside of their sphere within the multiverse. But everything held together. The electrical field holding atoms together was not effected, nothing was destroyed, planes never fell out of the sky and crops did not fail as they believed they would. There is a rumour that an intergalactic vessel from the Orion Nebula landed over the road from them while they were doing this but they were so engrossed in their artificial reality that they didn’t notice. They left believing that the reality bomb had worked. Such is the way the time vortex has affected their minds. The failed experiment means that the deep space time continueum has been broken and causes busses to turn up over two and a half years late.

The town this happened in has also been the victim of a failed experiment. The experiment was to place financial transactions in the quantum realm. If successful everything anybody owned would have been transfered to the quantum realm. To the average citizen the quantum realm is very much like the void between multiverses. ie. a place of absolute nothingness. Though it is nothing like Debach. The experiment has caused great suffering to people around the world but people still believe that with the right equations they can get it to work. They believe the quantum realm to be a realm of abundance where their is no poverty, pestilance or war.  Though they haven’t worked out that they are unable to enter it themselves and be in one piece. Their belief has lead to  a new religion being founded where they revere a mumbling old fool who looks like Albert Steptoe with a beard. Except this fellow has never done a days work in his life and is a middle class baffon rather than the hardworking gentleman who was proud of his working class roots that Albert Steptoe was.

The experiment has brought much tribulation to the town due to the policy of placing things in the quantum realm. The ghastly experiment is being done by a group of evil automatons programmed by the experiment itself. The experiment creates a void where emptiness exists. The void has taken over various parts of the town. Places like a former mail bureau, a place where barley was processed and a row of silo’s have now become parts of the void and if the experiment is taken to it’s completion the town will become a Black Hole that will suck in and destroy all around it due to the magnitude of its gravity.

In the situation of the experiment that has people stuck in a differant reality we have established that there is an unknown quantity of immense power which we refer to as ‘x’ that they have a strange aversion to. We believe that it came into play when we decided to no longer be part of the experiment that caused this cunundrum. People involved in how time works believe that eventually time will rectify itself. So in time they will reenter the present time.

Concerning the problems in the nearby town caused by the quantum experiment, we have established that the unknown quantity which we refer to as ‘x’ is part of the solution. Some believe that a travellor who travels in a blue box can defeat the automatoms and repair the void and stop catastrophe. But the travellor is not available due to being in the infinite realm of fiction. Even so, the legend has lead us to an understandding of what is necessary to defeat the automatons and stop the void. Data analysis concludes that  ‘X’ has to go in the blue box.


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