Alexander’s not Great

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Bixley Ward. A copy of has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger. It talks about council houses being built in Cauldwell Hall Road. This is part of Ipswich Labour’s gerrymandering project becaiuse they believe that they have a devine right to the votes of council house tenants. They believe this to the point where they only just hung on in Chantry and Gainsborough at the last County council elections. But hopefully, their portillo moment in Ipswich won’t be long.

The junk mail also mentions about Madam chairman, Shelley Darwin, chairing North East Area committee meetings. Why it mentions this isn’t clear, so it must be put there because Labour do so little in North East Ipswich, they needed to fill in a gap. This explains why it has a list of useful contacts and it says that contacting them makes a differance. They do make a differance because none of them have anything to do with Ipswich Labour.

Most of the junk is about Ipswich’s nonentity of an MP. It talks about lobbying him. Well, as the response you’d get is zero, I wouldn’t waste your time. The junk mail makes a song and dance about Alexander being appointed a shadow minister for waste and recycling. This is intertesting because the leaflet is a waste of paper full of recycled rubbish. Of course such a thing would be the only thing Alexander is interested in because he’s a fanatical eco warrior, He’s so fanatical that he once cycled from Ipswich to  a meeting in Haverhill. What normal person would want to cycle there?

One peice of recycled rubbish is the bit where Alexander says that he is calling for an Ipswich Northern Bypass.  He says that he wants a Northern bypass to keep lorries out of the town altogether. Does this mean that he wants places like Debenhams and Primark to relocate from the Town Centre so that the lorries delivering to them don’t go in to town?

The junk mail says that Alexander says that the police need more funding and that a Labour government would use the magic money tree to create an extra 10,000 police. The fact that Suffolk has more coppers now is not mentioned.  It also says that Alexander is seeking more support for childrens hospices. Well, as Ben Gummer did a cycle ride to raise money for such a thing, and Alexander has been willing to  cycle to Haverhill, maybe he should get on his bike.

The junk mail also mentions Alexander’s weekly collumn in the Morning Ipswich Star. The last column the zero value MP did  involved a lot of stuff about that beautiful thing called Brexit. It was a long winded paragraph that said nothing. Of course, as Ipswich voted 58% Leave and Alexander is a Staylinist, he can’t write down what he really thinks. Therefore, when it comes to Brexit he has to write things that don’t expose him or support the will of the people. So you end up with labourious paragraphs of nothingness.

Alexander’s not great.

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