Ipswich Labour Lies to Holywells Residents

Ipswich labour have been delivering junk mail in Holywells Ward and it just so happens that Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has obtained a copy. Primarily it rants against over £80 million being invested in Ipswich. They say that they believe it to be wrong to create a better connection between Cliff Quay and the West Bank Terminal to ensure the continued prosperity of the Port of Ipswich. Ipswich labour claim that they are against the Orwell Crossing because it would create traffic chaos with people having to go from the Holywellls part of town , up Cauldwell Hall Road to get to the town centre. This is absolute nonsense. Naturally, they won’t say why they are really against it.

There’s three reasons why they are against it. Firstly, they hate the idea of Ben Gummer leaving a legacy. Secondly,  Ipswich Labour do not want any form of investment in Ipswich especially investment that would cut traffic in College Street and Star Lane. They want Ipswich to be a run down ruinous mess. Thirdly, and more importantly, Big Sandy has spoken. Big Sandy is against it because he’s an eco warrior who hates cars. Furthermore, he would have to seek further government investment and Alexander is a lazy MP. The long term Ipswich Borough Urban Plan includes a Northern Bypass and a Wet dock Crossing. One of the signatories on the plan is a certain David Ellesmere.

Ellesmere supported the Wet Dock Crossing until Big Sandy ordered him to be against it.   I guess this helps explain why after Alexander became the Ipswich MP for Labour, the previous Conservative MP for Ipswich said to Ellesmere, that he would have rather have lost to him. Captain Mainwaring would have been quite lousy but not completely useless like Alexander is.

It looks like Ipswich Labour is going to be successful in stopping major investment coming into Ipswich. The most sickening thing about all this  is that the bastards are going to take credit for discouraging investment in Ipswich and some people are actually going to love them for it, not in a nihilistic way, but because Ipswich Labour are such deceptive liars who insist that they’re not the harbingers of destruction that they are.

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