Suffolk Remoaner News


The East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance are excitedly looking forward to taking part in the Staylinist national hissyfit tommorrow with planned rallies across Suffolk. In Bury Saint Edmunds and Stowmarket they are calling themselves Open Britian. They also go under the name of the 48% Suffolk Coastal Group. Staylinists are all members of all the differant groups so each group claims to have so many members to make the overall amount of people who are Staylinists look like more people than it actually is. The same as Scientists for the EU and NHS Against Brexit is the same bloke. It’s a very old trick that the SWP are very glood at deploying and being Lib Dem types, Staylinists are naturally unscrupulous, duplicitous and deceptive in their campaign methods.

Staylinists are so up themselves that they believe that a pEUples vote would be in their favour. This is because they live in a bubble of such magnitudinous viscousity that they have no idea how dispised their views are by the quiet majority. As a matter of fact their views are nearly as dispised as Staylinists dispise everybody else outside their bubble. They are going to have their stupid Brexitometers out to give them a dose of confirmation bias. People who are for Brexit don’t bother and put pins on them because, it’s a pointless exercise and they don’t want to be seen with boring people.

Who wants to listen to people who say things like ‘only people who earn over 100k should be able to vote’ and ‘stupid poor people should not be able to make important decisions for the country’?

Of course their favourite phrases are ‘I don’t want to be poorer or ‘people will be poorer.’ The fact is that treasury predictions do not say that we will be poorer. They say that temporarily we will get richer at a slower rate. The idea of surrendering democracy to get rich quicker flies in the face of everything this country stands for. But then, Staylinists have no love for this country. But all the emphasis on how rich we’re going to get with ludicrous predictions of economic gloom inform us that the one thing that Staylinists are obsessed about is money. Staylinist MP’s and peers are saying that gardeners could be in short supply after Brexit unless they are included in official immigration quotas. You can read about it here. Naturally as a gardener, I am delighted at such a prospect, though being a working class British bloke, my prosperity isn’t their concern. Because by wanting gardeners to be in immigration quotas explains why they really like the EU. Freedom of movement allows them to have cheap nannies and gardeners while the British working class who won this country two world wars to allow us to live in a free, prosperous country get screwed.

Staylinists claim to be pro European when in fact they are pro the oppressive EU. How can they be pro European when they support what the EU is doing to Greece and Italy and agree with thre EU’s support for Catalonians being imprisonned for political reasons? I have asked them such questions but they won’t answer them due to the truth putting a hole in their nonsense about tolerance. In  Catalonia during 2017 abd 2018, dozens of people were prosecuted for “glorification of terrorism” and “humiliation of victims” on social media networks. In many instances, authorities pressed criminal charges against people who had expressed opinions that did not constitute incitement to a terrorism-related offence and fell within the permissible forms of expression under international human rights law. Twenty people were convicted. More here. The EU’s response to this was indifferance. If people care about European people, then they can not support the EU.

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