Alexander’s Not Great

Before today we knew that Sandy Martin was a fanatical Staylinist and we also knew he was arrogant but this has been conformed today when Alexander told Mark Murphy on Radio Suffolk that he knew better than his constituents. Guido reports on it here. You can hear the disgrace that is supposed to be Ipswich’s parliamentary representative say it on Guido’s blog here. 

First of all the waste of space said that it was only about 56% of his constituents voted out of the poverty creating, federalist dictatorship and said that it wasn’t much. Well as only 47% of his constituents voted for him, maybe he should follow his logic and resign so Ipswich stops being misrepresented by a useless nonentity who is as worthless as his art portfolio.

After this, Mark Murphy asked “So you know better than your constituents?” Alexander replied “Yeah OK.”

Previously Alexander said that the Labour Party was honouring the referendum result. Now he has said this, he has shown himself to be rubbish even by the low standards of the Labour Party. Even they tend to keep their lies consistant.

Guido says that the statement probably won’t do the erstwhile, inefficacious nobody his reelection bid much good. Obviously Guido doesn’t know  he won’t have a reelection bid. Alexander didn’t want to be elected and hates being an MP. Hence he won’t be standing next time and Ipswich Labour are most likely to put up Jane Basham instead. Calamity Jane is as bonkers as Alexander politically but she is actually a nice person. Alexander is not only politically bonkers, he is an arrogant, pompous, condecending snob who has been known to be extremely rude to his constituents. Claiming to know better than his constituents is very much within his charachter.

Alexander is not great.


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