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The Party of Arrogant, Contemptious Snobs

Labour today are the party of arrogant, contemptious snobs. This was confirmed this week when Ipswich’s nonentity of an MP said that he knew better than his constituents. This wasn’t shocking to those of us who understand the contempt Ipswich Labour have for the people who vote for them. They have such contempt for their voters that they believe that they can say or do anything and rely on people’s votes. During the EU referendum a member of Ipswich Labour told me that Ipswich Labour have contempt for the people who vote for them and don’t care about their voters oppinion on the EU. Knowing this meant that Alexander’s statement was not that shocking. But evenn though Ipswich Labour are so arrogant they believe that they can get away with it, Sandy Martin’s remark has not gone down well amongst Ipswich residents who let their fury be known to Conservative activists on the doorstep yesterday.  When people who are so wishy washy they are members of the Green Party refer to their Labour MP as a wet blanket with the personality of a paving slab,  you know he isn’t popular.

Labour Today also have contempt for dead people as Ipswich Labour’s Treasure of Bridge, Dame Bryony liking this tweet confirms.

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Labour Today also have contempt for young people as this tweet shows

So  they find young people being Tories more offensive than people being murdered because of their sexuality. I doubt they can even spell ‘priorities’ in light of that.

Why the working class can not vote Labour

Labour Today are the party who hates Britain. As Michael Gove expounded on in an excellent speech last week. Corbyn wants to leave NATO, scrap and our Nuclear deterant. Corbyn sides with terrorists and has taken money from murderous regimes like Iran. He won’t stand up for this country or do what is in the national interest. He has  such contempt for this country that he won’t speak to the Prime Minister about Brexit. Even leaders of party’s that want to break our country up are talking to her. Such is the level of interest Corbyn has for what is in the interests of this country. He wants No Deal off the table so we can be bossed around by the EU. What an  utter disgrace that man is. There is no way the working class can vote Labour with Corbyn as its leader. We love this country to much.


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