Junk Mail from Suffolk Coastal Greens

The Suffolk Coastal Green Party has been delivering an assortment junk mail in Melton and East Anglia’s Premier Political blogger has copies of it all. One piece of junk talks about an increase in Nitrogen Dioxide around Melton Primary School when Woods Lane was closed.  Why they are sending a leaflet about a past event creatimng a problem which no longer exists is anyones guess. Another peice of junk is saying that Sizewell C is not suitable for Suffolk. As the alternative to Sizewell C is covering Suffolk, one of the most beautiful county’s in England (therefore the world) with wind turbines, I’d say it is the best option. The two leaflets combined show a muddled thinking because part of the Sizewell C plan includes bypassing Little Glemham, Stratford Saint Andrew and Farnham and the place with the highest level on Nitrogen Dioxide in Suffolk coastal District, just happens to be the bend in Stratford. The infrastructure that would improve air quality in Stratford would not go ahead with out it being a prerequisite to expansion at Sizewell. (‘I’ before ‘E’) so they are mmaking a fuss about Nitrogen Dioxide levels once being in a place that no longer exist while opposing something that would reduce Nitrogen Dioxide levels somewhere else where dangerous levels still exist. The leaflet on sizewell C says our roads are not fit for purpose. That’s true. Which is why part of the plans for Sizewell C include the three villges bypass. The other peice of junk is a survey. One of the questions is asking if people feel happy living near Sizewell and if they’re happy with Sizewell C. I certainly am as I’ve explained above and a stanza in my poem about Leiston in my Suffolk anthology

Town of engineering fame
The heritage is strong,
The Horse Hoe. Now the PWR,
Makes sure the heritage lives on.

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