Peterborough’s Conviction Politician

Fiona Onasanya has been given a prison sentence. Unfortunately because she is appealling her conviction, the people of Peterborough can’t petition for a bye election yet. But Conservatives are ready for any bye elcetion being called soon. The Labour Party have sis;pended her fropm their lousy party and think it exempts them from criticism. But it was the lousy Labour Party who approved her as a candidate and selected her to be the Labour candidate in Peterborough. So the people of Peterbporough have been disgracefully left without any representation because of the incompetance of  the shit show that is the Labour Party.
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5 Responses to Peterborough’s Conviction Politician

  1. deepngreen says:

    I don’t think Labour have a monopoly on selecting MPs who end up as corrupt and/or convicted criminals. Remember Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitkin, Neil Hamilton, Chris Huhne and that’s without delving into the expenses scandal!

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