Suffolk Remoaner News


The Lib Dem leader was in Norfolk this week saying that Brexit is not inevitable. He spoke to the Staylinist, Lib Dem faithful against Brexit and claimed that normal parliamentary business is not taking place because of the beautiful thing. Of course there would have been considerably less time spent on it is Staylinists like Vince hadn’t been hell bent on having democracy usurped.

A few weeks ago, Michael Gove said that when it comes to referenda the Lib Dems don’t follow the traditions of Gladstone or Llloyd George. This is true but there is a Gladstonian element to the Lib Dem policy on them. You see, Gladstone was against the working class having the right to vote and what really upset the Staylinists was the fact that so many working class people voted to leave their belovèd EU. Their attitude basically is “How dare the working class vote to leave the EU against our wishes, they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote!” How they would get another refernedum where the working class wouldn’t get the vote is anyone’s guess.


The Young Staylinist Faithful in Norfolk

According to the Staylinist narrative it’s young people who want to stay in the EU and old people are for leaving because they don’t care about the future. Well Vince Cable isn’t exactly a youngster and the age range of the people who went to hear Vince talk his squit weren’t exactly young. As can be seen in the picture. I actually know a couple of pewople in the picture who travelled up from the better part of East Anglia to hear Vince talk squit to them.



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