The Differance beteween Conservatives and Labour


Suffolk Conservatives Standing up for their communities

In response to Marks and Spencer announcing plans tpo close their Felixstowe store, Conservative MP for Sufffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey had a frank exchange of views with the Head of Public Affairs at Marks and Spencer, Mr Ginty, when she met him alongside local Conservative councillors in Parliament. They suggested that Felixstowe is a town on the rise and with jobs, population and investment all increasing in the town that it would be a mistake for M&S to close.

The Mayor of Felixstowe, Conservative councillor Graham Newman and deputy leader of Suffolk coastal district council, Conservative  Councillor for Woodbridge,Geoff Holdcroft and Conservative councillor for Felixstowe West Tracey Green made a presentation to Mr Ginty on the importance of the store to the town and how popular it is with local residents and visitors. They also formally handed over a petition signed by just under 7,000 people.

Mr Ginty then shared confidential financial information to show how Marks & Spencer had made their assessment to close the store and suggested that having a store with a full offer of clothing, home and food was not viable.

The Conservative councillors and Conservative MP, Therese Coffey put forward the view that at the very least Marks & Spencer could convert the store to a Food Hall in Felixstowe, which could then include a Click and Collect facility for clothing. This has already been evaluated but they provided additional information M&S should consider and asked them to consider that again. The Conservative councillors and Conservative MP will be writing to them to follow up.

Meanwhile in that Socialist Utopia down the road, Ipswich, first of all the wet dock crossing is no longer going ahead and now Pret a Manger has announced that they shall not be opening a shop at the recently revamped Corn Henge. The response from Ipswich’s Labour MP and the Labour councillors who are turning Ipswich into  a run down ruinous mess is non existant. The Morning Ipswich Star calls the loss of Pret sad news but naturally won’t say anything about the incompetance of the Ipswich Labour politburo who are wrecking Ipswich, who the Morning Ipswich Star supports while its editer benifits from Conservative policies by living in Trimley. Meanwhile, Mark Ling of Orwell Ahead is blaming the County Conservatives even though Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere and Politburo holder for economic decline development Carole Jones along with Ipswich’s erstwhile Labour MP are responsible. Not only has Sandy Martin done absolutely nothing to get Pret a Manger to reverse thier decision, but he has also voted against the will of his constituents by voting to extend Article 50. Suffolk desperately needs rid of Ipswich Labour.

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