Everything Going Down the Drain

Sewers in Ipswich have been blocked by Yorkshire Puddings according to Sky News Here. The article has pictures of the pudding mix that look worse than a a yellow teeshirt with a bird on it. I’m wondering if Anglian Water can find Ipswich Town Football club down there but it still appears to be going down the drain.

Of course, everything started going down the drain in the County Town of Suffolk when a group of people known as Ipswich Labour had a campaign of smoke and mirrors organised by a Carrot Road Season Ticket holder and took control of the council as a result. Now the town centre, the wet dock crossing, overall investment in the town and Yorkshire Puddings have gone down the drain since. Anglian Water are saying that only the three P’s (Pee, poo and paper) should be flushed down the toilet. Can somebody tell Ipswich Labour that?

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