Suffolk Be-Leaver News


Suffolk Be-Leavers are having a great time organising meetings and events across the 81pAYX22EdL._SY355_county.

There was a very good Be-Leavers meeting in Woodbridge a couple of weeks ago and today Be-Leavers of West Suffolk after lobbying their MP, are holding an event in Bury Saint Edmunds. Then tommorrow Stowmarket Be-Leavers are having a meeting in the Willow Tree and we understand that the Suffolk Staylinists Favourite blogger may be in attendance.

In a couple of weeks time Be-Leavers are having another meeting in Woodbridge and obviously the Suffolk Staylinists Favourite Blogger will be there. Then there is going to be another event in Ipswich. Also in the County Town of Suffolk, There is 31RtXTHW0-L._AC_UL260_SR200,260_a party being organised at a secret location (and naturally I know where it is) to be attended by Conservative Brexiteers to celebrate the lowering of that disgusting rag with the ring of stars on it from Ipswich Town Hall and the rising of the Crown and Arrows of Suffolk. Of course as Ipswich’s Staylinist Labour council don’t think much of being the county town of Suffolk, they’ll probably replace the abomination with a hammer and sickle.


Thirty Three Days with even less Parliamentary time before that glorious day when that most beutiful thing occurs. There is nothing the Parliamentary Independant Group or PIG’s as we have known them as for some time can do to stop the return of our freedom.

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